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Mister Twister

On July 7, 2017

The story about Trump not having anywhere to stay at the G-20 meeting is hilarious to me because given what an unreconstructed racist our dear leader is, it is surprisingly close to the plot of the 19

Movie Violence

On June 3, 2017

This is a pretty great essay on the contradiction between hating real life guns and loving movie guns. Psychologically, of course, this all makes sense. Penn, Peckinpah, even Porter (according to some

Your afternoon read is this Scorsese essay defending cinema as an art form equal to that of literature. A brief excerpt: I also disagree with Mr Mars-Jones’s contention that any adaptation of a novel into a film can only amount to a “distortion” or an “exaggeration overall”. Of course, in one very important sense, he […]

Mr. Mom

On March 8, 2017

Last night I went to a showing of Mr. Mom, the 1983 film about a middle-class man who loses his job and is forced to stay at home while his housewife restarts her job in an advertising agency and beco

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