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I have often stated that we are living in a golden age of good academic writing from historians, telling challenging stories that people are ready to hear in ways that lots of people can access. While it used to be that the only history books that had really great sales were Chernow biographies or popular […]
The field of environmental history, especially that of the United States, has long had a problem: its practitioners are overwhelmingly white males. This has long caused a lot of consternation and conversation, but it hasn’t really changed the field much. There is a panel about this just about every year, but the need for such […]
Jennifer Graber’s new book is an outstanding look at the white conquest of the West, examined through the lens of the various religious ideas and traditions involved in the conflict. Focusing on the Kiowas and the various Christian groups that tried to convert them and other tribes and covering the century from 1803 to 1903, […]
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