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In case Cubs fans weren’t arrogant enough when they were proud losers, the instant transition into expecting a long dynasty upon winning the World Series made them even more annoying. Plus the team is owned by the vile Ricketts family, which includes this asshole and this other asshole. Meanwhile, not only are the White Sox […]
Publicly funded sports stadiums, the grift that keeps on giving. Oh, what a lovely investment the Milwaukee Brewers team is. Mark Attanasio paid $223 million for the Brewers in 2005 and the team is now worth $925 million, according to the latest analysis by Forbes magazine. Pro sports owners almost never lose money. They may […]


On April 2, 2017

Hey, it’s baseball season! Last season, the Cubs winning the World Series was an omen for the election of Trump. Let’s hope this year returns the world to normal. As for the Mariners, I

Well, this truly justifies the impoverishment of minor league baseball players. I asked Rob Manfred about MLB's endorsement of the Save America's Pastime Act & why MLB is opposed to paying minor leaguers minimum wage: pic.twitter.com/MwXPTEyD9S — Brendan Kennedy (@BKennedyStar) October 4, 2016 Yes, clearly the horror of paperwork, something billionaires could not possibly afford […]
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