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While we are justifiably focused on the election, American corporations are still exploiting overseas workers and we aren’t paying any attention to that. Unlike those who claim that American apparel companies moving overseas are beneficient glorious job creators gifting work to the global poor, the workers themselves are real people with real demands. For example, […]
At least in terms of Americans, the answer to that question is basically nothing. The collapse and dangerous and inhumane conditions at other facilities in Cambodia and elsewhere increased public outrage and demands that something be done. Three years later, it turns out, not enough has been. New reports by the Asia Floor Wage Alliance, […]

L.A.’s Sweatshops

On April 11, 2016

In Out of Sight, I discuss how consumers need to understand how their clothes are made and the tremendous costs of not knowing that information. Of course, much of this is because clothing production

The global production economy is obviously great for workers. Thank you Walmart, Gap, and Target for providing these workers in India jobs by contracting production out to the lowest bidder who have every incentive to beat and rob workers at every point of the process. Rahul was earlier being paid Rs. 5813. However, he says, […]
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