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Hoodwinked by the Hope-i-ness!

[ 24 ] November 5, 2008 |

I think our friend Americanneoclown has been raiding the cooking sherry again:

This I believe of Barack Obama: Not imminent physical destruction of our nation (though not completely discounted), but destruction nonetheless. Destruction of the moral light that never lets the malignant growth of evil roll across the land. No, America’s enemies will get a respite, where they can regroup and reconsider what they want from America. There will be a reckoning, at some point, of course. Because even those who have been hoodwinked by the hope-i-ness of change will not long tolerate the yoke of Third World despotism and terror over this proud nation. A despotism seeking to behead the American individual, and the culture that birth [sic] him – all of this, dearest Americans, faster than you can say Madrid 2004.

My masthead is now black in mourning for the missed opportunity of victory in John McCain’s moral right and history. This change is permament [sic], at least as far as my current state of mind dictates. The Obama Soviet “Yes, We Can” widget, above right, is temporary, and will likely come down upon the resumption of regular posts. I don’t know when that will be, however. I may take just a day off from blogging, or a month or two. But rest assured, dear readers, American Power will be back, stronger than ever, to pick up the flame of moral clarity and to enjoin the ideological battle that stands before us.

I was beginning to worry that The Donald was not going to come through for us tonight. Boy, was I wrong!

. . . Dan Nexon has a more sober reaction — literally and metaphorically — to the debasement of Donald Douglas.

Your moment of buzzkill

[ 17 ] November 5, 2008 |

Ted Stevens and Don Young are both leading in Alaska with about 40% of the votes counted. Unfortunately, there’s no precinct-by-precinct data available yet, so there’s no way to know how likely they are to win.


. . . 11:00 AST. Fuck. Stevens has a 3000-vote lead with 66% of precincts reporting. This state sucks.


[ 10 ] November 5, 2008 |

No commentary necessary.

LOLDickweeds: First in a Series

[ 16 ] November 5, 2008 |

…Wow, I hadn’t even read this when I made that image:

At this point I still think it is likely that Obama will pull a victory, but it is not the landslide predicted. But don’t be surprised that many in the mainstream media will try to sell that nonsense. He may reach a 300 electoral vote victory but the popular vote is likely to be much closer.

I am betting that Obama, along with Senator Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Pelosi will buy in to the landslide nonsense and claim a mandate to pursue their agenda. But this is not 1932, and FDR has not vanquished Hoover. The Republicans have cleaned out a lot of deadwood that needed to go and are likely to start rebuilding around themes and issues that are garnering enthusiastic support for Republican Governors in Alaska, Louisiana, and Minnesota.

We are a divided nation and there is no clear consensus to lurch to the left. But I suspect that Reid and Pelosi will overplay their hand. Two years from now we will be back here wondering how the Democrats could have squandered their seemingly insurmountable hold on power.

What do you think?

I think that’s some first-rate douchebaggery. I know that Obama just asked us all to greet this moment with some maturity and humility, but jeezus pleezus…

Dear PUMAs…

[ 0 ] November 5, 2008 |

Thank you. Thank you for giving us Sarah Palin. If it hadn’t been for your barely literate tirades about how you wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama until he came to your house and personally apologized for that guy who was being a dick to you in the comments at Daily Kos, we wouldn’t have had Sarah. We probably would have won anyway, but nevetheless, this is for you:

And remember; the “kill whitey” tape is still out there!


[ 0 ] November 5, 2008 |

Our long national nightmare is…

What a great moment.

…we are celebrating with Rittenhouse Rye here. Sweet.


[ 16 ] November 5, 2008 |

The Trotskyites at Fox News call Ohio for Obama.

Oh Noes!

[ 8 ] November 5, 2008 |

Alabama called for McCain. That’s it, we’re over.

Game Over

[ 12 ] November 5, 2008 |

MSNBC calls Pennsylvania for the good guy.

Hopeful About Indiana

[ 0 ] November 5, 2008 |

Obama is ahead in counties that he has no business being ahead in…

These Things Would Make Me Happy

[ 36 ] November 5, 2008 |

Liddy Dole going down will be sweet.


[ 0 ] November 4, 2008 |

I would suggest that Rob’s forthcoming cruel division of PUMAs start with this classic. For the next four years, I hope we can all remember that not only is making words out of “Obama” the sign of a truly great wit, it gets funnier and funnier every time you do it.

I declare this Open Election Thread the First.