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After they finish helping the Mariners, there’s perhaps more work to be found for O’Pollahan in Helmand province, the “Taliban stronghold” located in southern Afghanistan. To the untrained eye, and to those who lack the kind of exclusive perspective dispensed by EvenLiberalWarCritics(TM), the situation looks well-nigh shitty. Behold: Here in Helmand, the breadth of the […]
More evidence of Bush’s “great neo-conservative mind” in action: On April 17 [2002], Mr. Bush traveled to the Virginia Military Institute, where Gen. George C. Marshall trained a century ago. “Marshall knew that our military victory against enemies in World War II had to be followed by a moral victory that resulted in better lives […]
Almost no one remembers this, but about an hour after George W. Bush’s flight-suit strut across the deck of the Lincoln, Donald Rumsfeld appeared in Kabul with Hamid Karzai and announced that the war in Afghanistan had all but concluded. Thus spake Rummy: The president of the United States and General Franks and I have […]
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