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The Death Penalty’s Eventual Demise

[ 87 ] May 3, 2014 |

I do think that eventually the death penalty will go away in the United States. It’s one of those human rights issues like gay marriage and marijuana that offends more and more people. But I wouldn’t be too confident we are seeing it soon or that the Oklahoma disaster will lead to a big push against it. There’s a lot of Americans, especially of the older and whiter and conservative variety, who think the state executing someone in a manner that maximizes suffering is a great thing. It’s more likely to have an impact in a state like Oregon than Oklahoma.

Of course, any sane interpretation of the 8th Amendment would declare the death penalty, especially under these circumstances of untried drug cocktails, unconstitutional. But then again, the only constitutional principle that really matters to conservative majority is current Republican policy positions.

The Sterling Backlash

[ 41 ] May 3, 2014 |

With each passing hour, conservatives decide that the real victim in the Donald Sterling case is of course Donald Sterling.

Newt Gingrich: Socialist

[ 64 ] May 2, 2014 |

Newt Gingrich evidently now advocates for socialism, at least when it comes to the ownership of professional sports teams.

Food News and Notes

[ 88 ] May 2, 2014 |

A few victual related items for your Friday afternoon:

1. The fad of celebrity chefs making “runway food” to promote the conspicuous consumption of rich people that then gets celebrated like the 80s is stupid. Is Anthony Bourdain turning into a sort of modern version of Robin Leach, at least for one form of consumption?

2. The rise of tequila (and

increasingly mezcal). This is a bit more of a celebratory post than I’d like because there are some real legitimate questions about the sustainability of the agave-based booze industry. As my wife is a scholar of Mexico specializing in Oaxaca, I spend a decent amount of time there when she is researching. So I’ve been lucky enough to explore mezcal a bit and the quality can be really outstanding. At this point I generally prefer it to tequila while drinking straight, although I tend to think the smokiness of it overwhelms cocktails. The cost however isn’t really all that cheap, even in Mexico, especially if we compare it to bourbon. The bottle I brought

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back last summer of a weird forest-based mezcal runs about $70 here and I got it for around $45 at a mezcal fair (at which you pay a $4 admission fee and then can taste all the mezcal you want). I assume the real difference is that it’s just much more expensive to produce because of the size of the plant, as opposed to the corn that makes up bourbon.

3. Agribusiness is now funding feature documentaries on the greatness and responsibility of the current agricultural system. Very convincing, I’m sure.

4. The bacon of Israel.

Hippie Energy

[ 164 ] May 2, 2014 |

There’s a certain set of commenters here who love to hate my energy posts because they say I oppose everything. That’s not true at all. I don’t fall in love with technologies or think they are the answer to most questions, which makes people uncomfortable even though virtually every technology should be critiqued. And when it comes to energy production, I am a huge supporter of wind and solar. I believe we need a massive federal program to expand our production of clean, renewable energy, understanding of course that every form of energy production has some kind of environmental downside and mitigating those downsides should be high priorities.

But of course the dirty energy industry opposes any kind of responsible energy policy and so do the Koch Brothers, who are leading the fight to increase taxes on solar energy production. Some of this is rich people and established industries protecting their preexisting economic interests in coal and

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oil. But that’s far from all of it, especially among the politicians who may not directly profit from these companies. This is cultural and in 2014 the politics of resentment rule the day. Solar and wind energy–that’s hippie energy. Producing energy without destroying the climate is something that makes the Commiecrats happy and we can’t have that. If the libtards are crying, then we win.

So in a very real sense, energy policy is about what it means to be an American. Wind and solar can be as profitable as oil and coal. So it’s not really about the potential to make money. It’s about our relationship to other Americans and the world. Are we to be socially and ecologically responsible global citizens leading the way to a more sustainable future? Or can we just kill ‘em all? The Republican Party certainly supports the latter.

Seattle–First to $15

[ 19 ] May 2, 2014 |

A huge step forward in the minimum wage struggle was taken yesterday in Seattle, where a commission of labor and business members came to a general agreement on a $15 minimum wage for the city, making it the nation’s wage leader. This isn’t a total victory–it is really complicated with lots of business-friendly provisions and it needs to pass the City Council and there’s certainly a chance that business will seek to water it down when it gets to that point. Hopefully labor will be fighting to make it stronger at that level (although I doubt it). But these are the compromises one goes through in passing progressive legislation. That it is tied to the Consumer Price Index is also important.

And hopefully, in a few years Seattle’s minimum wage will be widely seen as too low and the fight for $20 will be underway.


[ 80 ] May 1, 2014 |


It’s been awhile since LGM had a cat mascot. So allow me to nominate my cat Torvald, who turned 11 today (or yesterday if you are on the east coast). A plutocrat with a revolutionary birthday, Torvald was born under my house in Albuquerque in 2003, two blocks down from the house where Jesse’s girlfriend OD’s on heroin in Breaking Bad. Torvald has managed to overcome his own catnip addiction, but still struggles to manage his addiction to eating his way through my pens, as is seen in this image. There are many stories, from the time he faced off a raccoon through a window over my bed at 3 am in Santa Fe to the time he decided

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to sneak out in a Denton, Texas monsoon to raise who knows what kind of hell and came back much the worse for wear to the time he decided he liked a gin and tonic when I wasn’t looking (no vodka for this cat). I look forward to many more years of being woken up far too early in the morning by this greedy libertarian pawing me in the face at 7 am demanding canned food and then ignoring me for the next 8 hours.

The Morally Correct Meat

[ 158 ] May 1, 2014 |

There may be many reasons not to eat meat, but there are no good reasons not to eat wild boars which are an invasive species tearing up southern and midwestern ecosystems like there’s no tomorrow.

Verbatim Libertarians: The Minimum Wage is More Racist than Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy

[ 240 ] May 1, 2014 |

Libertarians are very special people.

Racist rants by federal lands moocher Cliven Bundy and vile comments attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling have put old-school racism back in the news.

But let’s get real. However contemptible, Bundy and Sterling aren’t what’s holding down blacks and other minorities in today’s America.

Here are three policies that, whatever their original intentions, systematically screw over poor blacks and other minorities.

They include:

1. Barriers to work.

Whether it’s absurd licensing laws for at-home hair braiders, day care operators, and other small-time entrepreneurs or minimum wage laws that price young, unskilled black kids out of their first jobs, barriers to the labor market take their biggest toll on those with the least education, skills, and professional connections.

So paying people even a subliving wage is racist. The truly antiracist position is a race to the bottom with no floor. I guess that evens the playing field in one respect–if nobody is paid anything to work, there’s no racial wage disparity. A post-racial society indeed.

H/t to TG Chicago.

Nuclear Waste

[ 120 ] May 1, 2014 |

69 years into the Nuclear Era and no one still has any solution on what to do with nuclear waste. It’s one thing when we are talking about nuclear weapons production but the sheer level of waste produced in nuclear power plants makes it a

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nonstarter for thinking through solutions to our energy problems.

The Non-Recovery Recovery

[ 93 ] May 1, 2014 |

Looking at real GDP is pretty strong evidence that this is not a “recovery” at all but rather a very long stagnation. Why? I’d argue for the combination of a lack of government spending combined with the outsourcing of decent work. Dealing with either problem is basically politically impossible. Thus I foresee no real improvement and quite possibly a long slow decline over the next several years.

The New Republican Orthodoxy

[ 123 ] May 1, 2014 |

Tom Coburn calls to eliminate the national minimum wage. I

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fully expect this to be party orthodoxy in 2016, with every Republican primary candidate adopting this position. They’ve been moving toward this position for years.

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