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The Incredible Unseriousness of Electoral College Defenders


There is no legitimate way to defend the Electoral College in a democratic nation. This is why the conservatives who know they have gamed the system since 1787 instantly move to “It’s a Republic, Not a Democracy” canard that is intellectually laughable and the definition of a dumb person trying to cover up for the fact that they are dumb by sounding smart. But then you get people who write more articulated arguments defending the Electoral College and they make the others sound like Madison and Hamilton. This is unbelievably stupid and dishonest. Why USA Today decided to publish it is a whole other question.

Should rural and small-town Americans be reduced to serfdom? The American Founders didn’t think so. This is one reason why they created checks and balances, including the Electoral College. Today that system is threatened by a proposal called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, or NPV.

Rural America produces almost all our country’s food, as well as raw materials like metals, cotton and timber. Energy, fossil fuels but also alternatives like wind and solar come mostly from rural areas. In other words, the material inputs of modern life flow out of rural communities and into cities.

This is fine, so long as the exchange is voluntary — rural people choose to sell their goods and services, receive a fair price, and have their freedom protected under law. But history shows that city dwellers have a nasty habit of taking advantage of their country cousins. Greeks enslaved whole masses of rural people, known as helots. Medieval Europe had feudalism. The Russians had their serfs.

Serfs. This is literally the argument. “We grow food so we get more votes and if you disagree you are enslaving rural people.” The whole thing goes on in this way. Sure, Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes but she didn’t win the Right Americans so the Constitution saved us from her tyranny. Minority rights. Tyranny of the majority. This is just John C. Calhoun’s stale talking points packaged for the 21st century. But then the Party of Lincoln became the Party of Calhoun a long time ago so I guess they aren’t even hiding it anymore.

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