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A contributor from day one


Oakland — and who knows, maybe even Las Vegas, where his glitz and glamor will fit right in — will be getting the NATHAN PETERMAN EXPERIENCE:

Nathan Peterman is back, baby. On Wednesday, the Oakland Raiders won the Peterman sweepstakes (they were the only participants) and signed the interception-prone quarterback to their practice squad. He will team up with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who’s been a Peterman fanatic since before it was cool. As he wrote for ESPN ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft, “Peterman is ready to walk in and be a contributor from day one.” Rejoice, for Day 1 of the Gruden-Peterman alliance has arrived.

As a member of the practice squad, Peterman will need to play his way onto Oakland’s 53-man roster. One might think this would be unlikely, but Peterman is a training camp legend. Even after a nightmare first year in the NFL, Peterman beat out Josh Allen and A.J. McCarron to become Buffalo’s starting quarterback for this season’s opener. It only took 3 quarters and 2 interceptions before Peterman was yanked and replaced with Allen, but guess what became of McCarron? That’s right, he’s now the backup in Oakland and, once again, the man Peterman will be trying to beat. Peterman is built for this. As Gruden wrote in 2017, “He just looks like a pro quarterback.“


Individually, these are just a couple of guys who love football and have experienced a level of job security that would make the Queen jealous. Together, they could prove to be unstoppable. Gruden and Peterman are true revolutionaries in the sense that they are willing to suffer one million defeats in the pursuit of their ultimate goal. What that goal is, I’m not sure. If someone wants to pay me $100 million, I’d be happy to take a stab at figuring this whole thing out.

Presumably, with the exception of Gruden the people in the Bay Area most excited about this development are Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers.

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