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Putin’s Man In D.C.


It doesn’t get much more Trumpian than this:

When President Trump signed a $716 billion military spending bill on Monday, he claimed the authority to override dozens of provisions that he deemed improper constraints on his executive powers.

In a signing statement that the White House quietly issued after 9 p.m. on Monday — about six hours after Mr. Trump signed the bill in a televised ceremony at Fort Drum in New York — Mr. Trump deemed about 50 of its statutes to be unconstitutional intrusions on his presidential powers, meaning that the executive branch need not enforce or obey them as written.

Well, this is a pretty disturbing development. I wonder what’s so important to Trump that he’s declaring he will refuse to enforce the law?

Among them was a ban on spending military funds on “any activity that recognizes the sovereignty of the Russian Federation over Crimea,” the Ukrainian region annexed by Moscow in 2014 in an incursion considered illegal by the United States. He said he would treat the provision and similar ones as “consistent with the president’s exclusive constitutional authorities as commander in chief and as the sole representative of the nation in foreign affairs.”

Who saw that coming?

Still, Trump is much tougher on Russia than Obama ever was! So clearly there was no Russian ratfucking and even if there was Trump’s campaign did not want it or collaborate with it. Please move along.

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