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The Art of the Northern Plains


As much as I long to escape my current state, I  know that long after I leave I will always remember that two of the museums  that moved me most, that featured the most evocative and interesting art, were the two that I visited while living in the Northern Plains.

The following photos are from installations I saw here .

Bradford Hansen-Smith, “Circles,” a collection created almost entirely of folded paper plates
This image is from the 1997 flood.


“Goofy-Ass Son Behind Art”–vacuumslayer


Previous exhibits included work by:

Judy Onofrio
Margaret Wall-Romana

I was happy to catch this incredibly timely showing at the Plains Art Museum.

“Civility Is for the Birds”–McKenzie Kouba


(Unfortunately I was not allowed to photograph her multi-media art…which was amazing and featured perhaps the only reference I’ve ever seen to Tim Pawlenty in a painting.)

I also was not allowed to photograph the work of Mike Marth, a multi-media artist who uses common household objects/materials–everything from nails to tire rubber to scraps of wood to pizza grease (yes, really)–to create some of the most interesting, weird, gorgeous art I’ve ever seen. Pictures don’t do it justice.

I can’t wait to escape this frozen wasteland. But being here reminds me that there is art and beauty in every nook and cranny of of this country, if you look for it and you’re open to it.

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