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“She Can Take It”


Good point made by Abigail in comments in re: the recent Comey Comedy Classics:

“She can take it.”

Seriously, that’s it. I’ve said this before, but leaving aside malicious interference on his behalf (not to mention voter suppression), Trump’s election comes down to an unconscionable number of men in positions of power abdicating their responsibilities in the belief that it doesn’t matter how badly they shit on a woman, she’ll always be there to clean up the mess. And in fact, they wanted her to clean it up. They just also wanted to be sure she didn’t, for one minute, get the idea that she deserved any respect or deference.

Our path to the place where children are taken from their parents and kept in prisons with Chairman Mao For Dummies murals was paved in large measure by people who didn’t want Trump to win, and in some cases realized the threat he represented, but thought they could use Clinton as a punching bag to advance their own interests without affecting the election. Editors and reporters desperate to avoid charges of bias, an FBI director sensitive to Republican (and only Republican) criticism and unable to control the alt-right elements in the Bureau, consumerist wank voters — all figured they could indulge themselves and have Clinton and the (predominantly female and disproportionately of color) Democratic base to bail them out. And they would have if not for that meddling slave power, but here we are.

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