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How Your Clinton Rules Sausage Gets Made


The Republicans, as most of you know, are using a time-tested method to distract from their full collaboration with and defense of a spectacularly corrupt and unfit president: Hillary Clinton snipe hunts.¬†Uranium One is a complete non-story: Clinton had no authority over the deal, and there isn’t the slightest shred of evidence she attempted to even exert influence over anyone who did. Surely the Paper of Record, which played a major role in giving credibility to this particular non-scandal, will make this clear!

Step One: “Here’s a Fox News summary of this bullshit non-scandal”

Step Two: “Nobody can say we weren’t vigilant about laundering this Brietbart-generated non-scandal and implying without any evidence at all that Hillary Clinton engaged in scandalous behavior”

Step Three: “Donald Trump sez Uranium One is like Watergate. Ha-ha, ‘Uranium One,’ cool name!”

It’s all fun and games until Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.

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