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Don’t Take Life Advice From People Who Hate Life


Why do people provide the worst goddamn life advice that is just Protestant work ethic clap trap rewrapped for the present?

Why the hell would someone live this way? Yes, save all that money for the future when you are old. I’m sure that not enjoying life for the next 40 years will lead to a ton of enjoyment in your last 5 years! I’m surprised he didn’t mention not eating avocado toast so you can save for a house, although not eating out is basically the same thing. I also love how the advice is basically “never do anything fun ever especially if it requires you to leave your house and also don’t have cable so you can’t have fun inside your house either.”

Here’s an idea. Live your life. Have some fun. Do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Enjoy your really short existence on the planet. Can you give me some money now for this sage advice?

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