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Book News!


I know I promised to return to policyblogging – and I will, I have a piece on health care and political ideology half-written – but since people on this blog helped out the Kickstarter back in the day, I thought I’d bend my own rule for a second.

Race for the Iron Throne Volumes I and II (which you can find above if you look on the Books page), which cover A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings respectively, have now been completely re-edited in preparation for their publication as physical manuscripts. The publication process should be done by the end of next month, and people who bought their copies through the Kickstarter will have their copies shipped to them immediately thereafter. Soon after that, the physical versions should also be available for general purchase for people who don’t like e-books but didn’t get in on the Kickstarter.

I just wanted to thank folks in the Lawyers, Guns & Money community for helping to make this happen; getting my books on A Song of Ice and Fire physically published was the whole reason for the Kickstarter, so I am very grateful indeed.

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