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Mother’s Day



As another Mother’s Day winds down, here’s a reminder that the real way we treat our mothers is allowing poor mothers to die in childbirth, forcing them to live in poverty, don’t provide state-supported child care (thanks Nixon!), deny mothers parental and sick leave, and basically allow our mothers and thus their children to suffer needlessly. USA! USA!

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  • Pseudonym

    Why should the government provide for mothers? That's what husbands and fathers are for.

    • Why should I have to pay for pre-natal care, I’m already born.

      • CrunchyFrog

        “I’ve noticed that everyone who is against universal pre-natal and maternity health care has already been born.”

        Turning the old Reagan abortion one liner around on the hypocritical right wing.

  • Hogan
  • Karen24

    Is anyone else noticing a very large uptick in nasty misogyny, much of it directed to mothers, since the election?
    Today Cracked.com, usually my other favorite website, acknowledged Mother’s Day only by a feature of memes submitted by readers of terrible advice and hurtful comments from their mothers. TBS had its remake of the Wizard of Oz, which ends when the blonde teenager exposes a witch as being old and ugly and then making out with the Wizard who is quite openly using a machine to deceive his subjects. (This is the EXACT PERFECT OPPOSITE of L. Frank Baum’s book.) And those are FRIENDLY, SUPPOSEDLY FEMINIST places!

    • Denverite

      I don’t know about misogyny per se, but I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in outright hostility and disregard for norms of courtesy. People seem to be a lot more OK with just not giving a fuck and taking a “I got mine now go fuck off” stance.

      For example, we were at a softball tournament yesterday. Teams have multiple games. The standard practice is that the parents of the teams that are playing get the set up their crap right by the field, and then when their kids’ game was over, they’d move their stuff back so the other teams’ parents could take their place. Yesterday, one team (from somewhere that generally supported Trump, though I have no idea if these people did) set up their tent and the like for their game, then afterwards, they left it there in anticipation of a later game. My spouse went up and asked if they could move it so that parents of the team that was actually playing could move in, and the lady literally told her “fuck off, we were here first.” (They weren’t; multiple other teams were there before them, but moved back when their game was over.) I don’t remember seeing something like that before.

      • BobOso

        Similar thing yesterday at a soccer tournament -yes on Mother’s Day- parents were asked to sit back further from the sidelines than usual by officials so there was about a 15foot space between a uniform row of parents and the sidelines. After the game started, some parents sat directly in front of us and then opened their giant golf umbrella. They wouldn’t move at first but eventually did only after prompting by the refs. my goodness could they not see a literal 110 yard unbroken line of parents 15 feet from the sideline? Actually I think they did they just thought they were the only smart ones…

      • CrunchyFrog

        So they were from my area, eh?

        The high schools have definitely noticed a lot more open hostility towards girls from boys in our local schools since Trump got nominated – this area voted 75% for Trump and is excessively military – mostly officers – so that kind of shit is part of the culture I guess.

        The sad part is so many of the Trumpista girls just accept it as their lot in life. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. So many of my neighbors are excited to send their daughters to one of the military colleges (AFA, West Point, Annapolis) even though they know first hand the abuse they will face when they get there – literally mothers who graduated from the schools themselves and experienced the culture. Authoritarians are really sick people.

        • bender

          The service academies provide a good college education for free, plus the prospect of a professional career immediately after graduation if you don’t wash out.

          Perhaps the mothers think that if they survived poor treatment, their daughters can, and it’s worth the price in the long run.

    • Origami Isopod

      Is anyone else noticing a very large uptick in nasty misogyny, much of it directed to mothers, since the election?

      I’ve noticed a very large uptick in pretty much every kind of oppressive bigotry. I’d say racism is running neck and neck with misogyny. But, yes.

      I was reading a post yesterday on maternal issues, I cannot remember where (I think some public broadcasting org or another), and the comments were full of the dregs of 8chan and /pol/. The phrase "spread your legs," as in something you apparently shouldn’t do unless you’re rich, was used. There was also much blaming of the U.S.’s high maternal/infant mortality rates on "illegals" and on "Communist Cuba." One commenter had the handle “waffenss.”

      Also, here’s Heer Jeet providing evidence of how very very concerned libertarians and conservatives are about the subject.

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