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Famous for 12 Hours: Friday Art Break

[ 29 ] April 21, 2017 |

Hey, folks. DeviantArt has honored me today with my seventh? eighth? Daily Deviation. It’s nice getting this recognition because it gets lots of peepers on my gallery, I get new followers, plus it’s just a neat, fun thing in general. Hop on over to see my “Favorites” total go up.


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  1. PotemkinMetropolitanRegion says:

    Congrats! Unlock the Dark is beautiful

  2. rhino says:

    Is there a way to buy your stuff? I would like to use the heart/roses image to make a card for my girlfriend…

  3. ExpatChad says:

    Wow! This resonates even in the Philippines. My young servants are awestruck as well as fossilchad.

  4. Nobdy says:

    I like all of these but I like Rotten Eggs the best. In general I think my favorite art of yours is the stuff that seems to reference Alice in Wonderland in some way (which seems, at least to me, an influence you draw on a lot.)

  5. N__B says:

    That is an evil goddamned rabbit in Rotten Eggs.

  6. tsam says:



  7. DrDick says:

    Love these pieces! Congrats on getting highlighted again.

  8. MPAVictoria says:

    Beautiful work Spence! Congrats.

  9. NBarnes says:

    vacuum, I love you, but I can’t unsee the women in Unlock the Dark flashing the shadowy forces beyond the mirror. I’ve tried.

  10. These are fantastic, and congrats on the DA feature.

  11. mojrim says:

    I had no idea! This is beautifully, f**king dark.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Congratulations! Your art is stunning.

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