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Who is the Hack of the Day?


Entry #1:


  • The idea that someone who got 48.1% of the vote in a multi-candidate runoff is “unelectable” is ridiculous.
  • Osoff grew up in the boundaries of GA-6 and moved outside of its boundaries for his spouse’s job. Who cares?
  • The only “talk” about Chelsea 2020 is coming from hack pundits and reporters who are palpably desperate to have another Clinton to kick around. There is literally no evidence that she is pursuing any political office, and she’s as likely to be the Dem nominee in 2020 as Edmund Muskie.

That’s an impressive number of howlers for 140 characters! But I have a dark horse candidate:

Yes, when evaluating a president’s legacy, among the most important criteria are the president’s vacation choices after leaving office. After all, it is well known that FDR’s social interactions were limited solely to the white working class, which is why the New Deal was popular.  This probably also explains why Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor although there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between her and Sam Alito.

I think it’s a tie.




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