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Comme on fait son lit, on se couche. Dumbass.


The man who put the words Liberal and Fascism side by side and wrote a book to go with the result is concerned about right wing tribalism. What has him all bewuthered is the fact that CPAC invited Milo Yiannopoulis who – unlike past speakers such as Coulter or Limbaugh – is just too crass.

Even now, Schlapp defends the initial decision to invite Yiannopoulis. On Monday’s ”Morning Joe,” he insisted: “The fact is, he’s got a voice that a lot of young people listen to.” A lot of young conservative people, he should have added, precisely because he enrages so many young liberals.

And that’s part of the problem. We are in a particularly tribal moment in American politics in which “the enemy of my enemy is my ally” is the most powerful argument around.

And Goldberg may ask himself: Well, how did we get here?

Or he would. If he were less of a hypocrite and capable of performing the complex task of connecting past actions to current circumstances.

Today, the right sees the left as enemies — and, I should say, vice versa.

The right sees the left as enemies in part because some morally flaccid members of the right have made a mint selling books with catchy titles like Liberal Fascism. The left sees the right as enemies because the right likes to hurt people. But that’s good enough for Mr. Bothsides.

Yiannopoulous is a hero for many because he fights political correctness and is transgressive. A flamboyant provocateur who wears his homosexuality on his sleeve and acts very much like a left-wing performance artist, he gives the right an edgy cultural avatar to pit against the left. At a time when entertainment and celebrity matter more than facts and arguments, he is an entertaining celebrity.

This being Goldberg, he – or his interns – have to find some way to criticize the left. Hence, Yiannopoulous is like a left-wing performance artist rather than the latest in a long line of predictably edgy types who’ve transgressively fought political correctness to the delight of dullards like Goldberg. One might even argue that the author of a book titled Liberal Fascism has dabbled his tootsies in the waters of transgressive P.C. fighting and likely sees the younger and less rumpled Yiannopoulous as an interloper.

Countless conservatives defend Yiannopoulous (who admits he’s not a conservative) in much the same way Democrats defended the anti-Semitic “radio priest” Charles Coughlin as long as he supported the New Deal as “Christ’s Deal.”

Something something, the Ku Klux Klan Robert Byrd the real racists.

Conservatives cling to rationalizations to defend their champion.They say he “distanced” himself from the alt-right. He did, cynically — only after “Daddy,” his term for Donald Trump — was elected. They credit his claim that he can say anti-Semitic things because his grandmother was (allegedly) Jewish, and he can say racist things because he sleeps with black men.

No-one on the right, including Goldberg, sees the need to condemn Milo’s virulent sexism and transphobia because that’s perfectly normal, innit?

These are the kinds of arguments a coalition accepts when it has lost its moral moorings and cares only about “winning.”

Unlike the good old days when Goldberg rose to prominence and the coalition only cared about “victory.”

What a boob.

As an aside, it looks like MY is out at BlightShart.

Yiannopoulous resigned from Breitbart on Tuesday in the face of reported internal anger from staff.


(The post title in American would be You made your bed, now lie in it. Dumbass.)

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