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Today in the Coming Apocalypse



In case you aren’t depressed enough.

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  • MPAVictoria

    I am stocking up on leather jackets and BDSM gear to beat the coming rush.

    /At least the end of the world will look badass if Mad Max is anything to go by

  • I have to hand it to the Chinese, getting the earth to cooperate with their vast climate hoax conspiracy is a masterwork of deception.

    • The Dark God of Time

      13 degrees higher than normal for this time of year in the Gateway to the Gateway to the Sierras. A chance of rain tomorrow, but it’s been a dry November so far.

    • Norrin Radd

      Gaia is an easy mark.

  • sonamib

    I’m guessing this aragonite concentration is a proxy for ocean surface temperature.

    • BiloSagdiyev
    • Just_Dropping_By

      Yes, it probably would have been helpful to put a little more context to that one. I still subscribe to (and read!) National Geographic and Discover and I couldn’t have told you off the top of my head what the significance of aragonite concentrations were.

    • giovanni da procida

      As you add CO2 to water, you decrease the pH and increase bicarbonate and carbonic acid, and this leads to less carbonate in the seawater. Less carbonate in solution means that mineral carbonate is more likely to dissolve back into seawater. Organisms that use carbonate in their shells will have to expend more energy to make these shells, because these shells will dissolve more quickly.

      Aragonite is the form of carbonate used by molluscs in their shells. Calcite is the form used by things like coccolithophores and foraminifera. Calcite saturation is also decreasing.

      • Norrin Radd

        So you mean less shrimp and hushpuppies? Forrest Gump will be sad.

        • giovanni da procida

          Hushpuppy abundances are a little outside my field (although heat stress decreases corn yields in a recent study in france). Shrimp are probably more susceptible to increased temperature and decreased oxygenation (shrimp are also not my field).

          I worry more about the fact that half of the oxygen produced every year is produced in the ocean, and most of that is in the open ocean. We don’t know what the effects of these changes in temperature and pH will be- there is good evidence that increasing temperature will increase the respiration rates of bacteria, and that changes to the ocean favor small phytoplankton cells over larger ones. Larger phytoplankton cells are more productive, so less of them plus more bacterial respiration would probably lead to less oxygen production in the oceans.

  • Morbo

    NBD, nuclear winter cancels out global warming, right?

    • The Dark God of Time

      Volcanic eruptions can work as well:


    • tomscud

      That’s how my SimEarth games generally went.

    • Jon Binkley

      Yeah, but the two countries that could cause nuclear winter are now BFFs.

      • runsinbackground

        Having seen how both Putin and Trump treat their friends, I am scaroused by this line of reasoning.

  • Davebo

    Could be time to re-think the traditional beginning and end of Hurricane season.

    • sonamib

      Yes. Hurricane season starts in May and ends in May of the following year.

  • Dennis Orphen

    I hate to sound like one of those overly paranoid cold warriors, and believe my I’m not. We’ve been wronging Russia since 1917 and while we are good at erasing our memories and rewriting our history books. But here goes:

    Putin is behind a lot what has been going on and is manipulating US/EU/Politics more than we believed and for longer than we have thought. Most nations stand to lose from climate change. Russia stands to gain, due to the latitudes of most of its land mass AND THE OPENING OF A NORTHWEST SEA PASSAGE.

    • Ahuitzotl

      Northeast Sea Passage, surely?

  • mongolia

    1: we are, so, so, so, screwed

    2: i really hope both other nations and uniformly blue states are working on legal and political ways to pass tariffs and/or regulations on emissions from the us/red states, respectively. obviously this isn’t official, but discussions like this could be helpful: http://en.rfi.fr/france/20161114-sarkozy-proposes-carbon-tax-us-goods-if-trump-scraps-paris-climate-pact

    3. time to bring the discussion of climate change into *everything.* obviously hasn’t worked, but acknowledgement of the reality of climate change is getting higher among the general populace, and if, as the opposition, we can tie crop failures, hurricanes, droughts, etc. to climate change, it could be a positive reinforcement loop that convinces some current deniers to take it seriously, since it effects them personally. now, i think the chances of this working are minimal, but if the trump admin + republicans are as unpopular as i think they’ll be in a few months, we might have a chance here

  • Brett

    That Lowry quote . . . if the waters of the Caribbean are not cooling down as usual, does that mean we might get another hurricane, this time out of season?

    • Hurricanes in the Atlantic generally form off West Africa rather than in the Caribbean. They’re pushed towards the Caribbean by prevailing westerlies in that part of the world.

      That’s not to say there might not be affects… there have been surprisingly persistent warm waters from West Africa to Brazil as well: http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Products/ocean/sst/50km_night/anim.html

      Just that thinking about the Caribbean is thinking a little to small.

      If the Caribbean is the area of interest, I would worry as much about the effects of the persistent warm waters on the biology of the Caribbean. A lot of people and industry depend on fishing and tourism there.

  • Anna in PDX

    Nothing really to say here except that the climate is the most important issue and that Trump’s statements on this are so horrifying given the stakes. I thought we were already doing too little, too late, but this is just terrifying. I wish I had no grandkids (have two).

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