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The many faces of economic anxiety

This is CBS/AP. Not Breitbart. Or the Onion.

Scott Michael Green.

Court documents show that Greene, an unemployed father who lived in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale, was increasingly desperate for money in recent weeks.


District Judge Carla Schemmel ruled Tuesday that Greene had committed elder abuse against his 66-year-old mother, Patricia Greene, by “physically hitting and financially exploiting” her. She ordered him to move out of his mother’s home, where he had been living in a basement bedroom, before Nov. 6 and to stay away from the home for a year.


Greene was hired last month to work at Central Iowa Fencing, a small construction business in suburban Des Moines, but quit within days, a manager there said Thursday.

Greene “was pretty desperate” for a job and told the company he had a teenage daughter he needed to support, officer manager Sara Nicklin said. Greene initially contacted the company looking for work last summer but there were no openings. The company gave Greene a chance after he inquired again last month, even though he had no experience building fences, Nicklin said.

She said Greene was sent home on the morning of his third day of employment “because he was not taking directions and wasn’t working.” Nicklin said the company gave Greene the chance to come back the next day on a different crew but “he chose not to show up” and quit instead.

“He just didn’t like the work,” Nicklin said.

Until we as Americans find a way to make sure people like Greene never experience a moment of economic anxiety, we’ll just have to accept the role we play in abusing moms and getting police killed.

Also, African-Americans will be called the N-word and have violent assholes economically anxious white men wave the Confederate flag in front of them at high school sporting events.

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