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Hello Muddah. Hello FADA.


It’s safe to say that onsatiable describes the Republicans’ lust for the Chicken of Queerphobia. Here is a complete list of things that will happen before the GOP cuts “Discriminate against Gay, Lesbian, Transgender & Queer Americans” from its to do list:

  1. Everything else.
  2. Even that.

But if enough hints are dropped on their heads from a great enough height, Republicans can eventually realize that their current approach isn’t working. That’s when they get all sneaky like and start futzing about with packaging. Hence The First Amendment Defense Act, which is The Marriage & Religious Freedom Act scribbled over with a Sharpie marker and a new label slapped on top. One can imagine sly dogs Rep. R. Labrador and Sen. M. Lee cackling as they hit on that brilliant idea, perhaps after a few hits of the Sharpie.

“Mwahahaha! Let’s see the DemoncRats object to the 1st Amendment! Say are you about done with that chicken?”

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio co-sponsored Protect Bigots and Bedroom Monitors v. 1 (introduced Dec. 2013) and v.2 (June 2015). And now Trump has said if Congress passes it, he’ll sign it.

The Republican presidential candidate offered his qualified support for the First Amendment Defense Act in a letter published last week by The Pulse, a conservative media outlet.“If Congress considers the First Amendment Defense Act a priority, then I will do all I can to make sure it comes to my desk for signatures and enactment,” Trump writes.

Another thing that hasn’t changed – Log Cabin Republicans. They’re still deep in denial hanging in there! President Gregory Angelo:

… denied Trump’s letter represents a shift toward targeting the LGBT community, saying the bigger picture is he and other candidates refused to sign the pledge.
“After a 2012 election cycle that was marred in many respects as ‘the primary of pledes,’ where demands were made of GOP presidential candidates to add their name to all sorts of anti-gay promissory notes, it’s encouraging to see the preponderance of the candidates in this cycle refusing to literally sign away their hopes of attaining this nation’s highest office by making outlandish promises to placate a overzealous fringe of the Party,” Angelo said.
Preponderance = Bush, Graham, Paul and Trump, who said they support FADA but didn’t sign a pledge to pass it ASAP. Christie, Kasich, Pataki and Gilmore did not comment on whether they supported FADA.
Maybe ultimately in the long run this particular bill doesn’t matter. It won’t pass because … something. Or if it does pass it won’t matter because … something else. But living in a country where supporting and encouraging hate is part of political discourse is a grind.
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  • fledermaus

    Man I loves me some Allan Sherman

    • Honoré De Ballsack

      Since you mention it…I think Sherman’s version of “When I Was A Lad” might be more appropriate for a particular post a few back in the list. Still, everyone loves a bit of G & S, so here it is:


    • keta

      Sherman wrote my favourite book from my grade ten year. (Nope, not class-assigned…it was self-administered.)

  • DocAmazing

    Ah, the Log Cabin Republicans. Heirs to Roy Cohn, they recognize that gay rich white men are still rich white men.

    • MAJeff

      Shit, even the asshole who founded the odious GOProud has said he’s rejecting the GOP over it’s anti-gay bigotry.

    • prufrock

      In a similar vein, Phyllis Schafly and her allies recognize that rich white women will never need Planned Parenthood or a back alley abortion.

    • AKA “Chickens for Colonel Sanders”

      • MAJeff

        I prefer to call them Uncle Marys.

    • DrDick

      I think that the Log Cabin Republicans perhaps long for the security of the closet.

  • efgoldman

    I bet the bill never gets out of committee. Yet another case in which the RWNJ TeaHadis fail to deliver for the base. Primary them all.

  • Bitter Scribe

    Up to now, Trump has left the gay-bashing to Huckabee, Santorum, Cruz and a few others. But I guess that denotes indifference to gay rights, as opposed to active hostility.

    • Barry_D

      “Up to now, Trump has left the gay-bashing to Huckabee, Santorum, Cruz and a few others. But I guess that denotes indifference to gay rights, as opposed to active hostility.”

      Ya gotta admit that racism keeps him 100% busy.

      • Lee Rudolph

        Ya gotta admit that racism keeps him 100% busy.

        Sure, but he’s a man who gives 1000%!!!

  • Warren Terra

    I love that you bothered even for a moment to consider Gilmore’s position on the issue, or for that matter his existence.

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