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Donald Sterling: Same As He Ever Was


Since the worst owner in sports is

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likely to become the next conservative martyr,* it’s worth remembering that his racism is longstanding and unambiguous.

*For conservative bloggers out there, a suggested template. “Criticizing Donald Sterling violates his inalienable natural rights. His remarks were taken out of context. Suggesting that he be deprived of his inalienable right to own an NBA franchise without sanction is worse than lynching and slavery put together. Far worse than that, actually, since lynching and slavery weren’t actually that bad.” You’re welcome!

…person who is wrong about everything Bill Kristol wonders why people are upset about Sterling’s extensive history of racism “two or three sentences.”

…UPDATE: More on the “but registered Republican Donald Sterling is a Dimmy-crat!” silliness here.

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  • efgoldman

    I know the players are contractually obligated to play, and I know they had a protest today by wearing their unis inside out, but there has to be something more they, and the coaches, can do. I mean. Doc Rivers is no dummy.

    Also, this: http://www.barstoolsports.com/iowa/super-page/omar-little-just-put-donald-sterling-on-notice/

    • Brandon

      Jesus Christ the comments in that

      • The prophet Nostradumbass

        That whole site is absolutely vile.

        • JL

          A couple of years ago around here there was a protest against the bringing of a Barstool Sports “Blackout” party to Boston, because of comments from founder/publication runner David Portnoy like [E]ven though I never condone rape if you’re a size 6 and you’re wearing skinny jeans you kind of deserve to be raped right?” and “we don’t condone rape of any kind at our Blackout Parties … however if a chick passes out that’s a gray area”.

          • N__B

            Damn. My reaction is the same as my reaction to Sterling in general: shit floats.

        • Lee Rudolph

          Barstoolsports: putting the stools in bar sports since 20??!

        • Origami Isopod

          Boston meathead sports culture at its finest. JL beat me to the backgrounder about how BS Sports is pro-rape culture.

      • sparks

        I went there in private browsing mode, all blockers on, just because I knew from past experience what most sports sites are like. It lived down to my expectations.

  • John Revolta

    “I mean, really, wouldn’t a short, merciful swing from a stout rope be better than a long, slow death sitting around on a concrete porch with no job or nothin’?”

  • Aimai

    But I thought the current Conservative line was that Sterling was a Democrat in the Byrd mode?

    • efgoldman

      But I thought the current Conservative line was that Sterling was a Democrat in the Byrd mode?

      Apparently he contributed to Dems, but not since 1992. Somebody in an earlier thread also said it was a different Donald Sterling, and provided a link. Don’t have time to look for it now.
      He was also in line to receive his *second* NAACP Lifetime Impeachment Award, which is on lifetime more than the rest of us get. Does anybody know how much one has to donate to get on that list?

      • ThrottleJockey

        It better have been a shit load since I don’t see how the current chapter president survives having awarded that asshole his second such honor. I didn’t know about his history until this weekend, but if you award that honor, and you live in LA, you have no excuse.

        • Donald Sterling pays money to everyone to honor him. For years there were ads every week in the LA Times praising Sterling for his various humanitarian acts– and all paid for by Sterling.

          • Scott Lemieux

            Donald Sterling pays money to everyone to honor him. For years there were ads every week in the LA Times praising Sterling for his various humanitarian acts– and all paid for by Sterling.

            Telling detail.

            • The prophet Nostradumbass

              There’s an interesting bit in this Dave Zirin article about Sterling buying full-page ads in the LA Times to trumpet his buying a property to build a $50 million homeless shelter, which, of course, has not actually been built.

          • Mike D.

            For years there were ads every week in the LA Times praising Sterling for his various humanitarian acts– and all paid for by Sterling.

            Kevin Drum posted a photo of the one that ran on Sunday.

          • joe from Lowell

            For years there were ads every week in the LA Times praising Sterling for his various humanitarian acts– and all paid for by Sterling.

            Oh, that’s so pathetic.

            • Richard

              There was a full half page ad in yesterday’s LA Times paid for by Sterling praising him as a great humanitarian and the recipient of some honor. Big picture of him and his wife.

      • efgoldman

        NAACP Lifetime Impeachment Award,

        I didn’t type that. Really, I didn’t.
        But I wish i had.

        • Anonymous

          What did Mr. Sterling do that prompted the NAACP to line him up for the Lifetime Achievement Award?

          • joe from Lowell

            Lined up the zeroes when he wrote the check.

            • Anonymous

              I can agree with you. The NAACP is, and always has been, corrupt.

              They are not to be trusted.

        • Karen

          I wish that had been the award he won.

      • Warren Terra

        My working theory is that the local NAACP gives awards for total gross achievement towards racial equality and justice, and really ought to look into total net achievement.

      • drkrick

        Twenty years ago, and the contributions totaled $6K if it was even him. Clearly a Dem power broker of the first order.

      • herr doktor bimler

        Apparently he contributed to Dems, but not since 1992. Somebody in an earlier thread also said it was a different Donald Sterling, and provided a link.

        My own ungenerous suspicion is that there are more substantial donations to Republican causes waiting to emerge, and that various people are wishing that Donalde Donalde would would just shut up with his hamfisted searching through donation registries.

        • Richard

          I dont think so. I think he has been very apolitical. Certainly not a major political player in Los Angeles.

          • Correct. Big donator to various nonprofits though. The NAACP is not the only group to prostitute itself to him.

        • repsac3

          Donalde’s reasoning seems pretty bogus… I mean, at the time Sterling made those donations, Donalde was also a Democrat, and probably voted for that “far-left demi-socialist,” Grey Davis…

          Something to consider when evaluating Donalde’s “proof.”
          I mean, it’s clear that Donalde is still a #Democrat, right?
          By his logic, he is…

          (His constant use of the “#Democrat Donald Sterling” in his posts seems to be there to convince the rubes, and reminds me of nothing so much as the constant usage of “Liberal Lee Stranahan” a few years ago–usually phrased “Even liberal Lee Stranahan thinks… …Dems are the real racists,” …this Breitbart article is on the money,” …Obama was born in Kenya,” or whatever other meme they were trying to sell in that moment–immediately before “liberal” Lee Stranahan became a Breitbart writer and friend, and dropped that “liberal” from his name once and for all.)

  • Richard

    I think Doc and the guys did the right thing. Many of these players including the core of the team – Paul, Griffin, Jordan – have multiyear contracts and dont have the option of going elsewhere. If you sit out a crucial playoff game, what do you do for the next game? Sit out every game and forfeit the series?

    Also the league is exceedingly likely to suspend Sterling tomorrow and prohibit him from participating in basketball decisions. And I’m sure other owners and the league are starting to put pressure on him to sell. But he’s a stubborn son of a bitch, in addition to being a vile racist, and he’s likely to resist since its legally unclear whether the league can force him to sell. But ticket sales and revenue for next year are sure to fall and the best argument that he is likely to listen to is that he will maximize his profit by selling now with a team that has had a great season, has playoff potential and is sure to be a contender for the next five years.

    • efgoldman

      But he’s a stubborn son of a bitch

      He’s also over 80, and can’t live forever.

      the best argument that he is likely to listen to is that he will maximize his profit by selling now with a team that has had a great season, has playoff potential and is sure to be a contender for the next five years.

      Based on his track record, he really doesn’t give a shit whether the team is any good, or wins. In fact I am astounded that he allowed the hoops management to sign any good players or Doc Rivers, who didn’t come cheap. Even before this tape came out, he was one of the worst owners in sports.

      • Richard

        He was a terrible owner for the first twenty five years of his ownership of the team. Not for the last five. He hired smart basketball people and let them make the decisions. He matched a max contract to D’Andre Jordan. He made the trade for Chris Paul (although it was only after the league nixed the trade of Paul to the Lakers). He then signed Paul to a max contract. He signed Griffin to a max contract. He paid a ton of money to Doc and gave up a first round draft choice to Boston to get him. The basketball decisions for the last five years have been great and made them a contender. Their payroll is one of the very biggest in the league right now. Nobody who follows NBA basketball has criticized what he has done over the last five years.

        • ThrottleJockey

          Maybe in his old age he can’t get into the office as much to fuck up shit for his management team.

          • Richard

            I think he got tired of losing. And one of the problems in the past is that he hired execs on the cheap who weren’t competent basketball people. Elgin Baylor was a great player but he was a poor GM and a poor judge of basketball talent – he drafted Benoit Benjamin number three and Michael Olowokandi number one. Jesus!

            • I’m definitely not really defending Baylor, but weren’t those draft choices reasonably uncontroversial at the time? It’s not like the Raiders drafting some random fast guy no one has ever heard of.

              • Richard

                No. The Benoit Benjamin pick was terrible, just terrible and it was apparent at the time that this kid was uncoachable. He was selected before Xavier McDaniel, Karl Malone, Detlef Schremp, Charles Oakley, Terry Porter, Joe Dumars and A.C. Green. Granted, an argument could be made that Olowokandi had lots of potential but the number two pick that year was Jason Kidd. And these are just two of the lousy picks he made. I could name a half dozen more.

                • junker

                  That is incorrect. Olwokandi was drafted in 1998, Kidd in 1994.

                  This is also tarring the organization with hindsight bias; You have to be able to make the argument that in the moment, it was obviously true that Malone et al. would have a better career, not look at it knowing that they did and saying it was the wrong wrong choice.

                • Richard

                  You’re right. Memory lapse on my part. It was Mike Bibby who was drafted number two the year that the Clips chose the Kandyman. They also chose before Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison, Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce.

                  But besides the lousy draft picks, the record speaks for itself. Elgin presided over years and years of abysmal Clipper teams. He just wasn’t a good general manager.

                  As far as the Benjamin year goes, Malone was obviously a greater player than one would have expected but it didn’t take a genius to know that Mullins, McDaniel, Oakley and Schremp were better picks than Benjamin.

                • junker

                  I guess. I just think it’s really easy for us, knowing how all of these players careers have turned out almost 30 (or 20) years later to say “Well it was obviously the wrong choice, look how great these other guys were!”

                • junker

                  I mean, you’re doing it right here by implying they should have taken Nowitzky over Olowokandi, when it was Nowitzky was one of the first true Euro players that made NBA teams less skittish about drafting foreigners. Anyone who is arguing that it’s obvious that Nowitzky should have gone first at the time is using the fact that he ended up being the best player in that draft and applying it backwards.

                • Richard

                  If it was just Nowitski, you would be right. But it wasn’t. Bibby,Pierce, Carter and Jamison weren’t unknown players from foreign countries. Hell, Pierce was a local player from Inglewood, a few blocks from the Forum. Anybody who was watching basketball in Los Angles knew how much talent this kid had.

                  And even with Nowitski, smart general managers are able to see talent and find somebody who is off the map a bit but worth the risk. Elgin didn’t have that ability.

                  And it wasn’t just one draft where the Clips picked stiffs. It happened again and again.

                • But again, my memory very much does not suggest that those were controversial picks at the time. And I don’t think they were. They didn’t work out but some of the people you mention were picked 10-20 picks below the Clips, suggesting they were not likely at the spot the Clips actually picked at. The real question is whether other GMs were interested in those players at the time. And all evidence I remember and have read about suggests they very much were interested.

                • Not only was Pierce local, but Kansas had come out and killed UCLA at Pauley Pavilion with Pierce on the team. Everyone who knew about basketball in LA knew about Pierce.

                • That said, it was always more Sterling’s fault than Baylor. Baylor also made some good acquisitions over the years, and Sterling never paid to keep them here.

                • Jordan

                  Yeah, if you want to go after Baylor for his draft record, the way to do it is look at *all* the years. Just picking random years that turned out terribly in retrospect is usually not a particularly compelling argument for any GM in any sport.

                • Bill Murray

                  He was selected before Xavier McDaniel, Karl Malone, Detlef Schremp, Charles Oakley, Terry Porter, Joe Dumars and A.C. Green.

                  While benjamin was known to be fairly lazy, he was a pretty good athlete for a 7 footer. His best years he averaged 15, 16 points and 8-10 rebounds a game, so he was hardly completely worthless. In fact he was probably the second best center taken in the 85 draft after Patrick Ewing. Benjamin was probably better than Jon Koncak, Joe Klein, Bill Wennington, Manute Bol and Uwe Blab. Well Arvydas Sabonis went in the 4th round and was certainly better if you count his years in the USSR.

                  Also, none of those guys mentioned were feasible #3 choices really except McDaniel who went #4

                • Mike D.

                  Just as you have to allow for outcome bias, you also can’t ignore outcomes. Otherwise you’re just judging GMs (and others with jobs similarly premised on successful prediction) by their ability to follow conventional wisdom. You have to give the guy who drafted Nowitski before Euros were Cool some credit for doing it, otherwise you’re not crediting these folks for being successful in their jobs. Likewise, you have to hand out demerits to those who consistently underperform the what the draft positions they have suggest they should achieve – and even those who do no more than get the team roughly what you’d expect from these picks.

                  But yes, that means generally assessing performance by how the team’s talent level improves or doesn’t over a tenure of some length. At the same time, the essence of the job is recognizing talent. You have to give the guy who got it right on Nowitski some credit, albeit tempered by the knowledge that no one really knows who’s going to be a star (if they did, there wouldn’t be much to the job – teams would probably automate it complete, as their probably doing slowly now). And there has to be some ding to the assessment of a GM any time a high pick ends up being a bust, though of course a tendency for that to happen is the far more significant problem.

                • Brien Jackson

                  I don’t get why everyone is ignoring the role coaching/development plays in who is and is not a “successful” draft pick. It’s entirely possible that, had he gone to a team who invested in good coaching, Olowakandi would have turned out to be the kind of player who justified the number one pick. Or at least not been a TOTAL bust.

                • dave

                  Nowitski and Pierce were drafted number 9 and 10. Eight teams passed on both of them.

                  My memory is that neither was thought to be highly likely to become a superstar.

                  That wasn’t a particular good draft year. There were only three good/great players in the whole draft (none of whom were picked in the top 4).

                • Richard

                  As I said above, it wasnt just Benjamin and Olowokandi. It was over two decades of failure with the Clippers. Sure, much of the blame goes to Sterling but Elgin wasn’t a very astute judge of talent. i can’t think of a single draft pick he made who over performed.

                  And I saw Benjamin play with the Clippers on many occasions. He had physical talent but he had no basketball smarts. He would never take advantage of his 7′ height and his physical assets. He would move to the perimeter and ask for the ball. Yeah, he might have been the best big man in that year’s draft but, for god’s sake, Karl Malone, was drafted after him not to mention McDaniel, Oakley and Schremp.

                  And when Olowokandi was drafted, the debate was whether to pick him or Bibby. Baylor personally worked Olowokandi out and made a big deal of professing that he was a great talent and was going to be a star. Instead, one of the big draft busts of all time.

                  In the end, you have to judge general managers by the results they obtain. Look at the Clipper’s record for the 22 years he was GM. Case closed.

        • drkrick

          The league didn’t exactly nix the Paul trade to the Lakers. They owned the then-Hornets at the time (having bought them from another problem owner who was willing to sell) and as owners of the team decided to pull out of the Lakers deal in search of a better one, which the Clippers supposedly made. Not the same as the league swooping in to void a deal team management wanted to make.

          • Richard

            Sort of true. The Chris Paul trade to the Lakers was announced and several of the other owners made such a stink, thinking the Lakers had got such a great deal, that the league, as the steward for the Hornets, pulled out of it.

    • ThrottleJockey

      I like Doc’s attitude about this. He recognizes that despite being in a shitty situation he has to make the best out of it. And the players recognize that though Sterling is paying their salaries, they’re not playing for him, they’re playing for their own childhood dreams of winning a NBA Championship. I think those people saying they wouldn’t play if their were a Clipper speak from not having been in that situation.

    • John Revolta

      He’s not selling.

      This guy’s only chance in the world to hang around with cute girls is if he can get them into basketball games for free and/or
      hook them up with the players.

      Well, I guess he could pay for actual escorts but I’ve got a feeling he’s way too cheap to do that.

      • Richard

        The pressure will be too great as will the loss in revenue. He will sell. I would bet that negotiations are going on with the league right now. And nobody, not even gold digging young women, are going to hang around with Sterling after this.

        • Joseph McCarthy

          I say STRIKE!

          Oh, yeah, they talk tough, but they want the MONEY!!!!

      • ThrottleJockey

        Way to cheap? The LATimes reports that he’s given his mistress a new Ferrari, 2 Bentleys, a Range Rover and $2M for a downtown condo. That’s nearly $3M. An escort would’ve been cheaper. His wife is actually suing the mistress claiming the “gifts” came from community property. Damn, I can’t imagine what the holiday dinners are like in that household.

        • John Revolta

          My remarks were taken out of context.

          • Warren Terra

            That’ll happen after you respond at length when asked if that is your signature.

    • Mike Schilling

      Sit out every game and forfeit the series?

      That’s exactly what they should do. (And yes, I am a Warriors fan.)

      • Joseph McCarthy


        That’s what they would do if they were *truly* incensed.

        They aren’t. They want the money!!

        Basketball Ho’s!!

        They just need to STFU if they’re not willing to walk.

  • Richard

    Also, have any conservatives come to his defense? I don’t read right wing blogs and commentators but I haven’t heard ANY defenses of Sterling to date from anyone. Have there been any?

    Also, as pointed out, Sterling is, as far as can be determined, no right winger. He’s a fairly apolitical businessman who has contributed to some middle of the road Democrats and who contributes to a lot of charities – primarily for his own self-aggrandizement.

    • Anonymous

      Also, have any conservatives come to his defense?

      It appears that the NAACP was just about to award him the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

      So, it appears that the liberal left also hitched its wagon to someone they were later embarrassed by.

      Kinda reminds me of someone….out West…in Nevada…


      • DrS

        Donald Sterling is actually a conservative mole, who tricked the NAACP into honoring him just to reveal himself as a democratic racist.

        P.S. I am not a crank.

      • Matt T. in New Orleans

        Serious question. You ever heard of Sterling before thus came down? Would you had known about the NAACP award had this come out? Do you know what basketball is?

        On a serious note, I think the conservative track is to defend another poor rich white man is being unfairly forced out of his position by the Mighty Liberal Left and the Race Hustlers Amalgamated, and I wouldn’t be surprised if conservatives figure out a way to blame the girlfriend, an obvious plant to bring down a powerful example of America’s rightful ruler. Cause you know they’re not bothered by anything the guy said or how he treats the people who work for him. He’s they’re type of guy, after all.

    • CaptBackslap, YOLO Edition

      I’m guessing that the Cliven Bundy affair has made most conservatives a bit skittish at the moment.

      Also, Klan-level racism like this usually doesn’t get a full-throated defense unless Muslims are the target.

    • cpinva

      why yes, yes they have:

      “Also, have any conservatives come to his defense?”


      granted, it’s only Bill Kristol, who’s been a conservative maroon his entire life, but still, there you are.

      • Also, Kristol has a remarkable ability to be on the wrong side of every issue he speaks about.

        • John Revolta

          And still to get paid to do it. Also.

          • Gwen

            It’s unfair that we live in a world where Bill Kristol has reasonable job security but Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan do not.

      • Mike Schilling

        Joe Morgan loves Bill Kristol, because he is so consistent.

      • Richard

        I thought the racism was likely too extreme for even deranged conservatives to support. Kristol proves me wrong.

        • KmCO

          I’m a bit surprised at the (relative) number of conservatives who have broken ranks with Cliven Bundy, albeit quietly and somewhat tepidly. It’s not like anything he said hasn’t been stated numerous times in conservative fora, in somewhat different terms.

          • Origami Isopod

            I wonder if it has anything to do with the worry that Bunkerville will turn into an all-out bloodbath and that’ll hurt them in the midterms.

      • repsac3

        #Democrat Bill Kristol is obviously a #Democrat.

        (And yes, there have been murmurs of this all being his girlfriend’s fault (from “she was looking for revenge for Mrs’ Sterling’s lawsuit against her” to the more conspiratorial “It wasn’t his fault. She intentionally baited him into saying those things so she could ruin him”) in the comments on a few right-wing blogs.)

        • sparks

          Ah, the “bitch set me up” defense. Always popular with men of a certain stripe.

    • Patricia Kayden

      According to Scott’s post, Bill Kristol came to Sterling’s defense. So yes, at least one conservative has done so.

    • Karen

      Because I have an actual heart, I won’t link to him, but noted racist Steve Sailer has three posts today attacking Sterling’s girlfriend. Apparently cheating on your wife with a woman your granddaughter’s age is perfectly okay, but she should never, ever report you for being a pig.

      • Origami Isopod

        Apparently cheating on your wife with a woman your granddaughter’s age is perfectly okay

        Of course. Men are evolutionarily wired to spread their seed. Nubile young women are the most fertile, and the prettier they are, the better their genes are. One’s aged wife should understand that her used-up old self can no longer retain her husband’s interest and not interfere with him fulfilling his biological destiny to impregnate far and wide. /Failer

        but she should never, ever report you for being a pig.

        Even if I weren’t at work right now I would cavil at attempting to parody Failer’s “thinking” here.

        • N__B

          Men are evolutionarily wired to spread their seed.

          That’s why I have a Fedex account.

          • ThrottleJockey

            A Zoro spreader is cheaper. You should see the way my lawn looks since I’ve bought mine.

  • somethingblue

    His remarks were taken out of context.

    Alleged remarks.

    Also, there should be something about the First Amendment in there.

  • Joshua

    Don’t forget that Deadspin, by pointing out things he has said and things he has done, are the real racists in all this.

    • Gwen

      Racist or not, Deadspin is horrible. That’s why I read it regularly.

      • Origami Isopod

        Have you seen this yet? LOL IRL.

  • Anonymous

    Sterling’s a liberal Democrat.

    • Richard

      Absolute nonsense. He has no political presence in Los Angeles. He gives to a bunch of charities and does a lot of self-promotion in that regard but he is NOT a major political contributor and does NOT contribute to liberal Democratic causes.

      • wjts

        Bollocks. The man contributed to the election campaigns of Bob Bradley AND Gray Davis. He’s more radically leftist than Pol Pot, the Comintern, and Rosa Luxemburg combined.

        • Gwen

          He’s so left wing that Trotsky is gonna show up in a time machine any day now to suppress Donald Sterling.

        • Origami Isopod

          To the dismay of some on the left.

    • Kingfish

      The sort of liberal Democrat that promises a pancake on every plate!

  • Sam240

    “Since the worst owner in sports is likely to become the next conservative martyr,” — Scott Lemieux

    Silvio Berlusconi is already a conservative martyr. Donald Sterling still has a long way to go before he reaches the horribleness of the A.C. Milan owner.

    • ThrottleJockey

      Would Berlusconi be considered a conservative in the US, or would he merely be center-right? Or maybe even centrist? (I have no idea of his voting record)

      • Warren Terra

        A chick in every pot!

        • Lee Rudolph

          And some pot in every chick!

      • Sam240

        Someone who praised Mussolini and claimed that he was doing the right thing when he made an alliance with Hitler is definitely not centrist. Berlusconi himself has formed political alliances with neo-fascist parties, and was also a member of the infamous Propaganda Due.

        Berlusconi succeeded in reducing the inheritance tax to zero (since rescinded by a later government). He also pushed through embryo rights legislation that, among other things, could have required a woman who provided the eggs for IVF treatment to be implanted with a zygote, even if the zygote had a genetic condition that would have caused its death before childbirth. The legislation also prevented testing zygotes for these conditions.

        Recently, he’s formed a “Freedom Army” of volunteers to help protect himself from what he claims are politically motivated prosecutions.

        Did I mention that one of the times Berlusconi praised Mussolini was at a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony?


        Berlusconi would fit in just fine with the extreme right wing of today’s Republican Party.

  • LosGatosCA

    not even gold digging young women, are going to hang around with Sterling after this.

    See OJ post trial girlfriend. Also women who propose to killers on death row, etc.

    7 Billion people, that means even if there’s only 0.0001% chance of a women being messed up enough to consider a married 81 year old racist as potential relationship material that gives him the choice of approximately 3500 women. And that doesn’t even include women who would simply consider it on a transactional basis (see Hugh Hefner).

    The world is a lot quirkier than people generally consider.

    • Karen

      May I use this? I am constantly having to explain to people that, with 7 billion people on the planet, the chances of finding a few thousand complete nutsoids is quite large. You expressed it perfectly.

      • There is also this oldie-but-goodie.

      • ThrottleJockey

        The corollary to that one, Karen, is that that explains why our newscasts are so crazy. There are only 365 days in a year. So since 1% of 350M people = 3.5M, that means that for every single day of the year news stations have the antics of nearly 10K different people to choose from. You can’t beat those kinds of odds.

  • Anonymous

    The new McCarthyism is working well. He will be hounded out of his position soon.

    Good job!!

    • Scott Lemieux

      A conservative who’s actually consistent! Well done, but you’re cutting against the emergent winger narrative, i.e. “Donald Sterling is a dirty liberal, so what we called ‘Mccarthyism’ in the Eich case is actually OK here.”

      • He might lose control of the Clippers, and that would be such a tragedy, wouldn’t it, Jenny?

        • Anonymous

          He might lose control of the Clippers, and that would be such a tragedy…

          I don’t care. The “cure” of McCarthyism is as bad as the disease.

          It’s all ugly…

          • McCarthyism was accusing people of being communists because of connections they had to various organizations, whether or not those organizations were themselves affiliated with the USACP.

            By contrast, Mr. Sterling has been accused of being a racist based on a statement that was recorded of him making racist statements.

            You are really confused today, aren’t you, Jenny dear?

            • Brandon

              No, no, McCarthyism is just about calling people out when they say something. You’re an evil, ideological oppressor if you don’t agree that free speech means being able to say anything you want and no one can criticize you for it.

            • Pseudonym

              I thought McCarthyism also had something to do with the government. But Obama said something about Sterling, so it’s the same thing.

            • Anonymous

              Errr….Not so Much

              Definition of MCCARTHYISM

              : a mid-20th century political attitude characterized chiefly by opposition to elements held to be subversive and by the use of tactics involving personal attacks on individuals by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations

              • The definition uses the word ‘indiscriminate’.

                I do not think that word means what you think it means………………

    • Matt T. in New Orleans

      Do you know who McCarthy actually was and how the whole “Red Scare” actually went down? History, it’s not just a collection of useful phrases.

    • Nigel

      Racism: nothing to get criticised for!

    • Kingfish

      “Everything is McCarthyism except for McCarthyism which wasn’t so bad and McCarthy was actually right!”

  • Richard

    It’s being reported now (and I’m told from a knowledgeable source that its true) that the Guggenheim Group and Magic Johnson, the owners of the Dodgers, have told the league they would be interested in buying the Clippers. Obviously, there will be haggling over price – the team is probably worth over $1 billion- but having Magic as the new owner would be some great poetic justice and would be a great way for the league to solve the Sterling problem.

    • Brien Jackson

      Holy hell, that would be something. From the standpoint of replacing Sterling with Magic, obviously, but from the business side of things, after what they’ve done with the Dodgers, they’d be a new king of insanely powerful sports owner.

  • Bitter Scribe

    I thought sports owners couldn’t get any worse than Dan Snyder of the Washington Redskins. Apparently I didn’t do my research.

    • Sam240

      The worst one I know of was the late Zeljko Raznatovic, owner of FK Obilic. I cannot write an introduction to him that is better than the first paragraph of his Wikipedia page:

      “Željko Ražnatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Жељко Ражнатовић, pronounced [ʒêːʎko raʒnâːtovitɕ]; 17 April 1952 – 15 January 2000), known as Arkan (Аркан), was a Serbian career criminal and commander of a paramilitary force in the Yugoslav Wars, called the Serb Volunteer Guard. He was on Interpol’s most wanted list in the 1970s and 1980s for robberies and murders committed in a number of countries across Europe, and was later indicted by the UN for crimes against humanity for his role during the wars. Arkan was up until his death the most powerful militia leader in the Balkans. He was assassinated in 2000, before his trial.”


      After his assassination, some fans of the Italian team Lazio held a memorial ceremony in his honor, dedicated to “Arkan the Tiger.” Some Torino supporters responded to that tribute in their own way — they created a ceremony to honor “Sylvester the Cat.”

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    • Kingfish

      “Lesbians, Gays, and Marxists” should be in the revolving quote-thingy up top.

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