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Southern Kentucky Book Festival


So a new thing with a new book is the book festival circuit. This last weekend, I was invited to the Southern Kentucky Book Festival, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Because Bowling Green is home to the Corvette production line, I probably saw more Corvettes in two days than I’d seen so far in my life.

The festival itself involves authors sitting at tables, with a stack of books, waiting to speak with people who might be interested.  In this case, attendance was driven by the presence of Charlaine Harris and CJ Redwine. I sold nary a book, although I did have a couple long conversations with potential buyers.

The best part was meeting cool people with interesting books; Virginia Morell (Animal Wise), Jerry Martin (Soldiers Saving Soldiers), David Bettez (Kentucky Marine), Sam Ford (Spreadable Media), Tad Hills (Duck and Goose), Amy Christine Parker (Gated), and especially Angela Correll (Grounded).

Wait; what’s that last?

photo1 (1)

I also learned a fair bit about the industry; how authors approach editors and agents, which presses to avoid like the plague, etc. Altogether a positive, interesting experience.

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