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Uncle Sam the Rapist


Not sure what the Koch Brothers are getting at in this anti-Obamacare ad portraying Uncle Sam as a rapist. Given that he seems be to using the same transvaginal ultrasounds that conservatives like the Koch Brothers support when a woman wants an abortion, is Uncle Sam just practicing on all women?

In any case, it’s hard to imagine the Germans or Japanese during World War II using Uncle Sam in a more offensive and anti-American way than this ad.

….If you want to make Uncle Sam creepy, at least go old school Committee on Public Information style.

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  • Makes more sense if you remember that the Kochs hate America.

    • LeeEsq

      If HUAC was still around, we could bring the Koch brothers in front of it. Of course, since the GOP is control of Congress it would be a front for their craziness.

  • Joseph Nobles

    Too many OB-GYNs are not able to practice their love with women all over the country.

    Are we absolutely sure this isn’t a sneak ad campaign for American Horror Story: Coven?

  • wjts

    It’s a speculum, not a transvaginal ultrasound probe.

    • Ah. So one tool is what women deserve and the other is what Uncle Sam does to you. Good to know.

      • wjts

        It’s… puzzling? troubling? that the Kochs try to paint a tool best known for its role in screening for HPV and cervical cancer (i.e., fairly important basic obstetric health concerns) as a tool of government torture. I had a better point to make here, but I’m too tired.

        • Warren Terra

          As we all know, HPV and cervical cancer are God’s justice against the brazen and the promiscuous. That’s why the wingers are so scared of the blasphemy that is the HPV vaccine.

  • The Invisible Hand

    That’s a verry special reality you got going on there.

    Yes, sirre...

    • weirdnoise

      The invisible hand has donned the rubber glove…

  • James E. Powell

    So, based on what we learned from Chuck Todd, the president, himself, needs to run TV ads in which he says what the Koch brothers say is not true.

    The Chuck Todd and his colleagues will say “both sides do it” and “you decide” and other banalities, but never remark upon the truth or falsity of either.

    Do I have that right?

    • brewmn

      What will actually happen (as you probably already know), is that this ad will get played on the Sunday talkers, and the panelists will all snicker at how silly it is, and then bemoan how ineffective Obama is at blunting these attacks, tacitly endorsing the ad and bitchslapping Obama in a classic MSM twofer.

  • Manju

    Don’t you guys ever look on the bright side. It’s Obama-care. Surely their first option was Potus-as-rapist.

    But somebody must’ve had a Eureka moment. So they smeared White Uncle Sam instead.

  • They’re still bitter that the we’ve so effectively employed the idea of the government inserting itself into women’s reproductive health into the public mind and think they can fix it with a dumb little tu quoque.

    This is because they are a). tone-deaf morons who don’t understand what’s so creepy about their anti-choice agenda and b.) artless clods with no idea what young people actually think like.

    • povertyrich

      Bingo. We should be happy these dumbasses are blowing money on advertisements that will paralyze their intended audience with mocking laughter.

      • cpinva

        “We should be happy these dumbasses are blowing money on advertisements that will paralyze their intended audience with mocking laughter.”

        their intended audience (intended or not) are presently whirling around madly on their scooters, this will (hopefully) simply drive them over the edge.

        • Hogan

          This ad is being targeted at young women to encourage them not to sign up for the exchanges (because not paying a tax penalty equals sexual assault–wait what?); they’re buying time in college town markets. I have to wonder if the producers actually know any young women.

          • I’m sure they do. However, since young women are, you know, humans, the producers don’t understand the way they think.

          • The college towns thing is the weirdest part (which is a pretty high bar) because aren’t most college kids under 26 and therefore eligible to stay on their parents’ insurance?

            • Hogan

              (Sshhh! They might hear you!)

    • joe from Lowell

      Give the shark a prize!

      Yep, they think they’re getting in on the War on Women thing.

  • Anonymous

    Shorter Loomis: Why is it scary when it’s Uncle Sam peering up your vag, but comforting when it’s Rick Perry?

    • povertyrich


      • Rigby Reardon

        Yeah, I don’t get it either.

    • cpinva

      well, in truth, perry has much better hair.

      • Towards the end of Cheers‘s ten-year run, we found out that Sam Malone was balding and wearing a wig. I expect the same for the End of Perry’s 12-year run.

        • Lee Rudolph

          …so Jenny (if that’s who this Anonymous is) is thinking that Perry’s only peering in contemplation of a post-term merkin transplant, is that it?

    • Malaclypse

      Subtext remaining text, Jennie.

    • ajay

      If this said “Mitt Romney” it would actually make a lot of sense as a criticism of the ad, albeit not one that Loomis actually makes: why is it so terrifying to have federal government (Uncle Sam) in that position, but not the state government of Massachusetts (ie Romney) which, as you know bob, basically already has Obamacare at state level?

    • ChrisTS

      It isn’t comforting either way, is it?

      And the ACA does not, in fact, put Uncle Sam in the gynecologist’s office.

      And… well, I have no idea what point you thought you were attempting to make, so I’ll quit.

  • wengler

    How the hell do you opt-out? By just paying the fine? Rather than signing up for Medicaid or buying on the exchanges?

    Yes, pay extra to get nothing. Fucking stupid.

  • shah8

    Rape only matters as a matter of property determining which vaginas belongs to whose dicks to those people. Color me not not surprised. When it’s some evil dude against the system like Julian Assange, any old sketchy or real rape accusation is the most important thing eva! But don’t let them catch some poor woman pleading for shelter from some loser boyfriend from the publically funded police! Parasites all.

    • Lurker

      Please note: Assange is wanted for sexual assault, not rape and he is wanted for it in Sweden. They are very serious about it in any case, regardless of circumstances.

      Funny thing is that
      a) the likely punishment awaiting Assange, if found guilty, is shorter than his present stay in the Equadorian embassy.
      b) Swedish prisons are at least as comfortable as his present lodgings
      c) Sweden is extremely unlikely to re-extradite Assange to the US.

  • Fcb

    Is it just me, or does that ‘Uncle Sam’ not look an awful lot like the Koch brothers themselves? It has that same, creepy, sneering smile.

  • Brandon

    Are the Koch brothers anti-abortion?

    • panda

      Who cares about what they feel deep inside? They are the single biggers source of funding for anti-abortions politicians in the country, so obviously, they either oppose it or don’t give a fuck.

      • BigHank53

        The Kochs are big on personal responsibility. Have any of the brothers ever had an abortion? No. And it wasn’t hard for them, either, so any whining from the so-called “downtrodden” or “disadvantaged” or “women” is just sour grapes from losers, isn’t it? Get a grip on those bootstraps, moochers!

        • ChrisTS


        • Conservative doctrine, in its majestic equality, forbids men as well as women from obtaining abortions.

    • Informant

      I was wondering that myself. Based on a few quick searches, it doesn’t appear that abortion is a “hot button” issue for them, but at the same time it appears that they don’t particularly care if the politicians they back happen to be anti-abortion (which the vast majority of them are).

  • Malaclypse

    In any case, it’s hard to imagine the Germans or Japanese during World War II using Uncle Sam in a more offensive and anti-American way than this ad.

    Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

    • Kurzleg

      STFU, Maly.

  • Lee Rudolph

    So, what’s the over and under on the first appearance of a genuine, hardcore, Uncle-Sam-puppet-and-gyno-patient porn video? Gotta be recognizably the same Sam.

    • Malaclypse

      Rule 34 says it already exists.

    • LeftWingFox

      Good News, everyone! My libido has gone into remission!

  • JL

    There’s a lot going on in that ad. For instance, the young woman is conventionally attractive, blonde, and WASP-looking, while the healthcare workers who set her up to be raped by Uncle Sam are a black woman and an older brunette who looks like she could be something non-WASP.

    The speculum is something mostly used in preventative care, which Obamacare requires to have no co-pay. I guess having something as a financially accessible option is the same as having it forced on you? Oh wait, that is what anti-abortion people suggest all the time.

    It’s certainly possible for a speculum to be used in abusive ways – I am always angry when I hear about doctors requiring people to get a pelvic exam (which despite its usefulness in screenings, can be triggery for rape survivors, tremendously painful or impossible for people with vaginismus or vulvodynia, etc) in order to get a prescription for birth control, for instance. This ad is just weird, though.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Are the Koch’s really going there?

  • steve

    Wow the girl in the Uncle Sam war bond advertisement that Eric posted has zombie eyes and a really creepy blank expression on her face. Spooky.

  • ralphdibny

    Republican autocorrect: turning “Therapist” into “The Rapist” since 1966.

  • ChrisTS

    Bu the way, that poster is very odd. The ‘little girl’ appears to have the head of a grown woman on a smallish body. The ‘little boy’ looks like a midget with a child’s head.

    • ajay

      The girl also appears to have no arms.

  • The speculum is essential to women’s health care. I make this point because people keep referring to it as something used for preventive care. That’s not completely accurate.

    Imagine if instead the Scary Medical Implement was a stethoscope or a sphygmomanometer or (if you want a device that is inserted) a fricking thermometer. That is what is happening in this ad, with lashings of porno-fantasizing thrown in for good measure.

    The mental dwarves who made this ad are just aware that the pelvic exam involves getting naked and spreading our legs and that speculums go in lady parts. In their fevered imaginations, women lay there all vulnerable and humiliated while a metal device spreads the helpless patient’s vagina to the snapping point. (Pant, drool.)

    Now I don’t know any women who love speculums (speculi?) or pelvic exams, but I don’t know anyone who loves a tongue depressor either. But like the stethoscope and the bp cuff and all the other paraphernalia of very basic medical care, we aren’t scared of them.

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