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Anti-Union Hack of the Day


Michael Bloomberg for a) comparing teachers unions to the NRA and b) fabricating the idea that like the NRA, members of teachers unions don’t agree with the leadership. I’m sure that for a billionaire like Bloomberg, Randi Weingarten and her American Federation of Teachers are just as evil as Wayne LaPierre’s agenda of accepting an apparently endless number of mass murders in exchange for the right to play with shiny toys, what with organized labor’s desire for decent pay and classrooms with air conditioning and teaching something other than how to take a standardized test and such. The horror.

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  • JKTHs

    You gotta admit, Bloomberg’s right on point b). I’m sure all teachers want to have their pay and benefits slashed, their job security depend on subjectively objective measures of classroom which are mostly out of their control, and their workplace entirely inadequate for teaching.

  • MPAVictoria


  • R. Porrofatto

    It’s an apt comparison, perfectly analogous: The NRA is hugely responsible for the massive proliferation of guns that teachers are now forced to defend themselves against. The teachers’ unions are hugely responsible for the massive proliferation of enlightenment and education that the gun-nuts must defend themselves against.

  • Kal

    “a few leaders were out of sync with large numbers of rank-and-file members”

    Well, Bloomberg might be right. Don’t be surprised if in the next year or two the UFT leadership either shifts left or is replaced by a rank and file movement inspired by the CTU and far less tolerant of school closings, test prep, mayoral control and the evisceration of tenure.

  • Hugo Torbet

    All this nutty gun control talk will cause more people to vote Republican, the party which panders to gun owners, among other specific interest groups. The more power the Republicans have, the more union, other assembly, and due process rights will be restricted.

    Wisconsin is not a fluke. People will vote against their better interests, and generally resent pointy-headed East Coast liberals preaching to them about how they should conduct their lives.

    • Malaclypse

      Shouldn’t you be off organizing your WOLVERINES!!!? The revolution will not be televised blogged, comrade!

      • Colin Day

        Wolverines are so Michigan. Wouldn’t Mr. Torbet prefer “Go BADGERS!!!”?

        • Bill Murray

          Badgers, We don’t need no stinking Badgers

    • DrDick

      Some of us talking that “nutty gun control talk” grew up in and have spent most of our lives in red state flyover country and own guns ourselves. You forgot the key to getting the working class to vote against their interest, yelling “N****r! N****r! N****r!”

  • herr doktor bimler

    Wayne LaPierre’s agenda of accepting an apparently endless number of mass murders in exchange for the right to play with shiny toys

    “In exchange”? Mass murders are not so much a price to be paid, as a marketing tool.

  • wengler

    I am constantly amazed that Bloomberg isn’t one of the most reviled figures on the left. This asshole is responsible for some of the most police state shit we’ve had to deal with over the last decade. From the Republican national convention in 2004, to stop and frisk, to the smashing of media coverage of his authoritarian sweep up of Zucotti Park and the Occupy movement. Not to mention his out of control police department head that loves to spy on Muslims for no reason other than you know…Muslims!

  • David Nieporent

    Maybe if Randi Weingarten (or Loomis) had had non-unionized teachers growing up, she’d have become better educated and learned how to understand an analogy. Bloomberg did not compare the AFT to the NEA — though I’m sure each side would be equally horrified at the thought. He compared the relationship between the AFT’s membership and its leadership to the relationship between the NRA’s membership and its leadership.

    • DrDick

      That certainly did not work in your case. I had union teachers and got an excellent education, thank you very much.

    • Linnaeus

      Analogies can also have a rhetorical subtext beyond their surface comparison. If you would have us believe that Bloomberg was completely unaware of this when he made this remark, well, I’ve got a bridge in New York I’d like to sell you.

    • sharculese

      You can keep this shit up for the rest of your life, Davey, Erik’s still not going to the prom with you.

    • djillionsmix

      You’re usually no worse than I can ignore but this, wow, you really are one sleazy piece of shit.

  • Book

    There is something ridiculously euphemistic about that NYT headline. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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