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Who knows more about football than Rex Ryan? Who does? Who?

[ 60 ] November 23, 2012 |

My cat Sigmund:

Between swatting at Sanchez (0:27) and turning his head in disgust at the image of Tebow (0:56), I think he’s at least earned himself an interview.


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  1. wengler says:

    Sanchez’s head deflecting off his own player’s ass and fumbling the ball away needs to become one of the universal clips of futility.

  2. Fighting Words says:

    I think the second quarter of that Patriots/Jets game was the most painful quarter of football I’ve seen all year. And I’ve watched more than a few Raiders games.

  3. LosGatosCA says:

    Rex Ryan needs help. He needs more cowbell.

    • efgoldman says:

      Rex Ryan needs help
      He needs to learn how to spell ofense offens ofenz offense.
      And also how to draft for depth, and what the guy called the Quarterback is supposed to do.
      Rexy is a goner for sure, te question is, will Woody also turf Tannenbaum, as he should have done years ago.

  4. c u n d gulag says:

    I left my sister’s house in the middle of the 1st Quarter, when I came home, and put her CARE-packages away, I turned on the TV to watch the game, it was almost Halftime, and found that the score was 35-3.
    I laughed, and went to read a book.

    Even though I hate the Jets and “Not So Sexy” Rexy, I didn’t want to revel too much in their agony.

    I’d already had a large dose of Tryptophan, and figures an additional dose of Schadenfreude, on top of what was already in my system since Election Day, and I’d be likely to overdose from “speedballing.”

  5. rea says:

    Meanwhile, I gather they give coaches nowdays a special flag to throw if they want a 15-yard penalty rather than an instant replay review. Counterintuitive, but that’s football for you.

    • c u n d gulag says:

      THAT penalty, was remarkably teh stoopid!

      • rea says:

        I gather the rule in that situation is that there is an automatic review UNLESS THE FLAG IS THROWN, in which case, you get a 15-yard penalty, and no review. And of course, as everyone acknowledges, a review would have meant the touchdown got called back, and a different outcome for the game . . .

        It’s too much to expect a NFL head coach to keep track of these rules in the ehat of battle. All NFL teams ought to have a team of lawyers on the sideline to handle these issues.

        • c u n d gulag says:

          How about we form a new group?
          “True the Rule!”

        • Sherm says:

          But what’s the point of the rule? I cannot ascertain one. Coaches throw the red flag on non-reviewable plays all the time and are allowed to pick then up without penalty. So why such a draconian sanction for dropping a red flag on a reviewable play? Fucking idiotic rule.

        • tucker says:

          It’s particularly ironic since he yelled at Harbaugh last year, “Know the rules!” which predicated the whole too hard pat on the back. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy even though I used to live in Detroit.

        • spencer says:

          Football is completely fucked by its own ridiculous rules. But there are a lot of fans who seem to revel in the byzantine complexity of it all, so what the hell do I know.

    • Rob says:

      There is a reason why the Lions are thought to be one of the dirtiest teams in the league. It all flows from the idiot leading them.

      • rea says:

        No, it’s Ndamukong Suh, who apparently tries something dirty on every play.
        (I’m not much of a football fan these days–the last two games I’ve watched have been the Lions on Thanksgiving Day at my quasi-inlaws, two years in a row. And the guy is a splendid football player, but he seems to want to hurt people while the ball is not in play).

        • njorl says:

          Something overshadowed by Matt Millen’s stretch as the most inconceivably inept GM of any sports franchise ever was how dirty a player he was. Millen made it a point to hit someone after the whistle on every single play of his career. Sometimes it was comical. He’d get caught with no one around, and he’d run ten yards and slap a guy on the shoulder pad.

    • elm says:

      The same thing happened last week to a different coach (can’t remember who) so the Lions should have been aware of the rule. (You can’t ask for review of a call that is automatically reviewed, i.e. touchdowns, turnovers, and the last 2 minutes of each half.)

      • spencer says:

        But what is the logical justification for the 15-yard penalty? Just pick up the damn flag and move on with your lives.

        • spencer says:

          And the idea that you can turn a play that is automatically reviewed into a non-reviewable one by explicitly asking for a review of the play is just mind-bogglingly stupid.

        • elm says:

          I agree it’s a pretty dumb rule and I suspect that it will be eliminated this off-season.

          I think the purpose of it is to prevent coaches from ‘showing up’ refs or trying to influence the automatic review. I’m OK with saying that it’s unsportsmanlike conduct and giving the coach a 15 yard penalty. The preventing a review from going on is really dumb and seems to be opposite of the purpose of replay (to get the call right.)

          But regardless of the merits of the rule, it is a rule Schwartz should have been aware of.

          • CaptBackslap says:

            Charging the team a challenge for the already-happening review, and the ensuing HA HA DERP DERP DERP on ESPN for the next couple days, would seem to be deterrent enough.

          • cpinva says:

            don’t bet on it. the owners come up with these rules (the rules committee) and, just because you own a football team, doesn’t, by automatic extension, mean you know jackshit about the game (see: snyder, dan).

            I agree it’s a pretty dumb rule and I suspect that it will be eliminated this off-season.

            my bet: during the offseason, the “Rules Committee”tm will pass a rule requiring the head coach, of the challenge flag throwing team, to stand on his/her head, while throwing the red challeng flag directly at the nearest ref. there must be a ref within ten yards of said challenge flag, or the team throwing said challenge flag will be charged with intentional grounding of said challenge flag, and will be penalized 15 yards, loss of down, loss of timeout and no review.

            no rhyme or reason, just because. of course, that may also be part of the settlement agreement, between the NFL and the ref’s union.

          • spencer says:

            But regardless of the merits of the rule, it is a rule Schwartz should have been aware of.

            I’ll grant you that.

            • Linnaeus says:

              Postgame, Schwartz said he was aware of the rule, but that he threw the flag before the score actually happened. He still admitted he shouldn’t have done it, though.

        • Dave Anderson says:

          The justification is to not show up the refs as the play was supposed to be reviewed so why throw the flag.

          • spencer says:

            I think bruising the ref’s ego is somewhat less of a concern than making sure you don’t turn your highly profitable product into a farce on national television.

            But again, what do I know.

  6. ploeg says:

    Obviously it’s time to see if Brett Favre is still available.

  7. sparks says:

    I was impressed by the number of helmet-to-helmet hits I saw in that game and an earlier one. It’s as if the NFL decided that the best way of showing the danger of concussions was to have players attempt to knock each other out nationally on the one day of maximum eyeballs. I also remember Collinsworth just about ejaculating after seeing one of those hits.

    • Anderson says:

      It does seem highly variable how attentive a group of refs will be to that issue. Like pass interference, I guess.

    • efgoldman says:

      I was impressed by the number of helmet-to-helmet hits I saw in that game and an earlier one.

      It does seem highly variable how attentive a group of refs will be to that issue.

      The enforcement of that rule is getting as capricious as pass interference.
      It makes me especially crazy when the offensive player sees the tackle coming, and lowers his head, so the helmet that was going to hit the runner in the chest hits him in the helmet. Happens every game, but there’s no rule about offensive helmet-to-helmet, the way there is with pass interference (although for as often as they call offensive interference….)

  8. He just. Paws. HD screens.

    It’s all he does!

  9. Fiske says:

    He’s the Chance Gardner of cats.

    In the winter, the Jets’ garden will suck.

    • LosGatosCA says:

      Also, too, spring, summer, and fall.

      Another coaching miracle from Ryan: how does your terrible, horrible no good backup quarterback get two broken ribs playing special teams?

      Time for a franchise re-name like they did from the Titans. Re-brand themselves with new ownership as the NY Transformers. The youngest generation will get excited about the new Tim Tebow Transformer action figure while the older generation will smile wryly getting the connection to famous blackouts.

  10. Joseph Slater says:

    There is no question that God hates the Detroit Lions. Why, I don’t know. But s/he obviously does.

    • spencer says:

      The continuing existence of William Clay Ford is what convinced me that God does not exist.

    • thusbloggedanderson says:

      Stupid playcalling cost the Lions that game (that, and the stupid challenge rule).

      “Hey, here we are in outside FG range, so let’s try running the ball right up the middle, like we’ve failed to do all game, and actually LOSE a couple of yards before we kick!”

      • Linnaeus says:

        I’m not so sure that choosing to kick on 3rd down in OT was a great idea. I figure Schwartz didn’t want to take a chance on a turnover or another tackle for a loss, but running another play on 3rd could have gotten the Lions a few yards closer, and then Hanson’s kick would have been good.

        • thusbloggedanderson says:

          That too.

          The answer to not taking a chance was, QUIT RUNNING THE SAME STUPID PLAY THAT ISN’T WORKING. “Oh, they’ll never think we’re dumb enough to try that *again*!”

  11. Thlayli says:

    I’m no Tebow fan, but really, what do the Jets have to lose? How can Tebow do any worse than this?

  12. Joe says:

    Multiple people at the local Thanksgiving viewing found this a game of “can you top this” ridiculousness. As to Tebow, reports are he has two sore ribs, which is amazing given how little playing time he has had, the same fate of many Jets fans from laughing at their antics last night. I say let’s see a bit of McElroy.

    As to Detroit, moron for throwing the flag, but the rule is moronic. Just penalize for 15 yd and have the automatic review. Detroit doesn’t lose because God hates them. They lose because they are pathetic.

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