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Finally gets what’s coming to him:

With findings very similar to the Freeh report, Attorney General Linda Kelly today announced charges of conspiracy, obstruction, perjury and child endangerment against former Penn State president Graham Spanier, vice president Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley.

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  • jeer9

    Poor Spanier. If only he were running as the Dem nominee for president against Romney, he’d have your vote.

    • Bitter Scribe

      Gee, I wonder how he’s registered?

      And I also wonder if you’re as big a fuckhead as you seem?

      • DrDick


    • poco

      God! You are an asshole!

    • Julian

      What makes this shitty trolling is that it’s not provocative. Your statement is so astronomically far from true that no one is even upset about it. Good trolling gets people riled up and eager to argue about whatever the troll has brought up, i.e. you have to touch a nerve.

    • Scott Lemieux

      Well, at least jeer9 seems to be implying that the sexual assault of children is a bad thing, which must be considered an advance for a Roman Polanski apologist.

      • It does seem the trend of the local commenters on Penn Live is to wonder where are the investigations into state and law enforcement actions re: the earlier reports, but I am glad they indicted. Though, I wouldn’t mind if they moved the bright line between indicting and not indicting the powerful for crimes to other crimes- such as masters of the universe stuff, but that would never happen. Guess we’ll have to somehow be happy that child abuse was over the line, at least in this case, eventually. Of course shame on the Boy Scouts and Catholic Church.

    • spencer

      Oh, that poor, poor walrus.

      • Walt

        The walrus asks for it. Every time.

        • Hogan

          Did you see those tusks? Just hanging out there.

  • DrDick


  • Witt

    I am still waiting for some journalist to interview other college administrators to get some ideas about the WHY. I would bet a million dollars that part of the “why” for Spanier and his ilk was that they were afraid of a lawsuit from Sandusky (or worse, a whisper campaign about *their* sexual improprieties) if they publicly pursued him.

    I’m not saying it was a legitimate fear — but I bet they had it.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      I’m sure that could be part of it, but the larger picture is a warped sense of CYA that is all too typical of institutions like universities. That’s why the whole “culture of football” thing should really play a secondary role in interpreting Spanier’s actions. Yes, JoePa was far too important on campus. But the dysfunctional (and, in this case, criminal) desire to cover up and sweep potential controversy under the rug could have just as easily been directed at a powerful faculty member or administrator…and in fact in other cases and other places has been.

      • BigHank53

        Read up on the institutional cover-ups of sexual assault. Pretty much every campus, everywhere. Though they don’t automatically expel women who report rape anymore…

  • Gets what’s coming to him? Sorry, no. Not by half.

    But it will do for now.

  • tonycpsu

    Spanier is going to try to make this into a Tom Corbett vendetta thing. I think there’s more than enough blame to go around, and Corbett did divert resources away from the Sandusky investigation so he could pursue politically-motivated investigations of Democratic state representatives, but the idea that this somehow absolves Spanier of guilt is preposterous.

    Still, I am going to have plenty of popcorn ready as this trial goes forward. By all means, Graham, go nuts trying to take down the governor!

  • jeer9

    Obama manages the executive branch. He chose to look forward, not backward, regarding the prosecution of torture and financial fraud. He perpetuates a policy of warrantless surveillance and the crackdown on whistleblowers. He is almost certainly responsible for the deaths of innocent people during drone attacks at funerals no less.

    Spanier made a series of very bad decisions based upon political calculations as well.

    Obama’s gambles have paid off well as there is currently no torture or rendition being practiced during his tenure (that we know of) and Wall Street’s behavior has improved markedly since they escaped punishment (no giggling, please); whereas Spanier’s bet that Sandusky could control his criminal compulsion and that university negligence might remain secret turned out badly, to say the least.

    One is probably headed to prison; the other, a second term.

    • Ramon A. Clef

      You know what I hate? When I order waffles at a diner, and they have the audacity to serve maple “flavored” corn syrup. Anything less than 100% real maple syrup is an abomination.

      • M. Eric Gourmand

        And have you seen this merde they call “French toast”? Mon dieu.

        • giovanni da procida

          Never worn a beret in its life.

      • PSP


        • Njorl


      • Woodrowfan

        those are usually the same places that serve you the cheapo sausage links as well!

    • spencer

      By god, you’re right – I’m going to do whatever I can to throw Florida to Romney! That’ll solve everything!

    • Cody

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