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Wankers of the Day


Jerry Brown and Christine Quinn.

Andrew Cuomo gets most of the attention in the “bad New York Democrats” sweepstakes, but my understanding from people who deal with New York City politics is that Quinn is no prize either.

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  • c u n d gulag

    I’m no great fan of Andrew Cuomo at all, but if anyone thinks he’s the only bad NY Democrat, or the worst one, you ain’t been paying attention to NY politics for long.

  • Joshua

    Christine Quinn will probably be the next mayor of NYC.

    • Jesse Levine

      As Mayor Bloomberg found out in 2009,in the City’s new demographics, she will need a ton of money to win. She’s earning some of it now.

    • ema

      Only if that other piece of totalitarian garbage currently occupying the office doesn’t decide he wants to rule another term.

  • JoyfulA

    I highly doubt that the Romneys’ childcare was unpaid.

  • L2P

    I know it looks bad for Brown to veto this law, but I’m not sure it was workable. I think it would have been hugely unpopular.

    I’ve never understood how the average person is supposed to comply with it. It’s reasonably easy to give sick days and vacation; we’ve always done that. Overtime’s not a big issue; if you need 10 hours of care, you back out the pay and figure out what the regular and +50% rate is. This is a bookkeeping issue more than anything else.

    But it’s virtually impossible to give “meal breaks” and “rest time.” I don’t mean letting a worker eat; of course they eat. And they “rest,” but they “rest” while the kids are napping or doing something. They can’t just go run some errands while the kids watch themselves. I don’t know how a rest break is supposed to work.

    Let’s say you hire your nanny to look after your 2 and 4 year old and it’s lunch time for your nanny. Are you supposed to drive home so your nanny gets a lunch break? Are you supposed to hire a “lunch nanny?” (In case that’s what you think you should do, no, you can’t hire a nanny just for lunch. If you think it is, go to any nanny site and try to find somebody who will do it for less than most of the cost of a full-time nanny.) Are you supposed to have your nanny drive your two kids to some sort of “lunch day care” for an hour? (No, those generally don’t exist and the ones that do are also really expensive.)

    And rest breaks? Gah.

    I don’t understand how that law is supposed to work for the average family. It’s fine for contract workers at big agencies, but short of just trying to make it impossible to hire a domestic worker? My guess is this law would be completely ignored until OSHA started enforcing it, then there will be enormous outcries because a schoolteacher and a cop in Pomona are getting fined $10,000 because their nanny didn’t get a lunch break.

    • Another Halocene Human

      So your nanny is supposed to be on her feet for 10 hours straight, only sneaking a bite to eat or peeing when the kids are asleep, and that’s supposed to be safer and more wholesome for the little charges? I’m sure she’ll have a great attitude, be alert, uninjured, springing to the post whenever the little darlings get rambunctious at 3:30pm.

      • Anonymous

        He’s also careful to make sure we know the Real Victims of the proposed law–average (read: middle class, white) folk. Only baby farms can afford to give their wetnurses a snack every once in a while. Average, god-fearing folk find treating adults with the same kindness they reward children difficult, unrealistic, and bad for the chillun. Better to raise them right off the bat knowing that their nannies are inferior subhumans.

        I don’t know how a rest break is supposed to work.

        Willing to bet this dude cracks atoms in half for work, but has developed this convenient learned helplessness only in the past couple years, and only when he’s at home. Those jars won’t open themselves!

    • cpinva

      this just crushed you completely:

      then there will be enormous outcries because a schoolteacher and a cop in Pomona are getting fined $10,000 because their nanny didn’t get a lunch break.

      i’m guessing not to many schoolteachers and cops in pomona are hiring nanny’s to watch their kids during the day. nope, not at all.

      you’re the same putz who claims that any raise in the minimum wage will cause mcd’s to stop hiring burger flippers, ignoring the real fact that the minimum wage has nothing whatever to do with how many burger flippers mcd’s hires, demand does.

      another spurious claim, with no tangible evidence supporting it, in an effort to screw over the working class.

      you clowns are consistent, if nothing else.

    • nozzle

      The average family does not have a nanny.
      Though the teacher/cop family in Pomona is in the top 10% of household income(2.5X median) in that city I doubt many of those couples have nannies either.

      High income progressives justifying the continued exploitation of domestic workers is fairly standard these days.

    • DocAmazing

      Nope, Jerry Brown also fucked over bicyclists and farmworkers. There’s no explanation; he just responds to money. Look at his record as mayor of Oakland.

  • Fake Irishman

    I think Brown gets bonus points here for also vetoing a bill that would have granted Research Assistants in the UC and CSU systems collective bargaining rights last weekend. Of course, it probably helps that the UC chancellor has a direct line to the governor to whine about how RA unions would destroy the UC system. Somehow, I’m sure no RAs were consulted by the governor.

  • Another Halocene Human

    A similar measure was put on the ballot with more than enough signatures in Orlando, Florida, but scrubbed off through dirty tricks.

    This is bullshit and Cuomo’s name should be mud. I fear for our future when his name is floated as a potential 2016 contender.

    And Brown may be betting that unions in CA will lose the battle to continue to be involved in politics, the so-called “paycheck protection act”. Unions better gird their loins and fight like hell in CA or conditions are about to get a LOT worse.

  • Reasonable 4ce

    Christine Quinn must be taken seriously as a mayoral contender next year, but she is by no means a lock. Lots of people are pissed at her for collaborating in the dead of night with Mayor One Percent to tamper with the term limits law, and that could come back to bite her in the Democratic primary.

  • David M. Nieporent

    EIB of the day: Scott Lemieux, and pretty much everyone who writes for Salon. Legislating benefits does not make workers better off; it simply shifts compensation from wages to benefits.

  • Jake

    On the other hand, Jerry Brown did sign bills letting nurses and midwives perform abortions, making the state create open-access textbooks, and banning sexual orientation conversion therapy for teenagers. So if you care about that kind of social justice, you should be at least sort of happy.

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