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Jeff Goldstein’s “‘mental health problems,’ revealed!”


I have nothing to add to this … except to say that I have emails and chat transcripts that prove that Jeff’s not lying. His fellow conservatives went far beyond the emails and chat transcripts he links to in order to diminish and discredit him. I still don’t entirely understand why.

But it’s worth noting, publicly, if only because that’s what movement conservatives have stooped to.

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  • SEK

    I’m fully aware that no one will comment on this for at least five hours because it’ll take that long to read Jeff’s post.

    • Medicine Man

      I like the part where he calls you a “a complete leftwing hack who sees teabagger racism in the color of John Elway’s ties”.

      I take it whatever intellectually rigorous debates you and Jeff had didn’t resolve in a fashion he found pleasing.

      • SEK

        I like the part where he calls you a “a complete leftwing hack who sees teabagger racism in the color of John Elway’s ties”.

        I’m no hater. He did invite me to post there, and as long as Bush was in office and I was a powerless advocate for change that would never happen, I was accepted, to be talked down to. Then this black Muslim guy elected and for some reason everything changed …

        • SEK

          Also, one day people will spell my name correctly. Or not, which I’m fine with too, given The Donalde’s abuse of it.

        • Medicine Man

          Not hard to believe at all. Despite all his pretense towards being a “public intellectual” he outs his biases pretty early in that door-stopper of an article.

          • Timb

            Who knew public intellectualism was so tied in with threats of violence, personal insults, and revealing personal information?

            • Medicine Man

              I must have not gotten that far into his article, Timb. I clicked away when he got around to regurgitating the typical gobshite-rightwing view of Obama’s personal/political history. I took that as a clear indication of what colour his blinders are.

              • Timb

                That’s part of my personal history with him. His book-length essay is only boring, but, shockingly, self-serving AND dishonest

                • Alan in SF

                  What’d you say about John Elway’s tie, SEK?

                  I hope it wasn’t one of those orange Ulster Nationalist ties he used to wear all the time.

              • That is precisely the point at which I, too, ceased to read.

                • howard

                  It’s now 3 of us.

                • Incontinentia Buttocks

                  It’s four at the moment, though I may try to soldier on…

                • Medicine Man

                  Well yeah, like I said, that is where he basically gave the game (or his psychosis-es) away.

                  I will process criticism of Pres Obama from people who are observant and intellectually honest. When a writer claims to be both of those things and his assessment turns out to be a 100% replication of the raging Republican ID – you know, the President’s political enemies – then his opinions are 99% not worth listening to. Water from a poisoned well.

                  That alone is enough to turn me away. All of the other things going on in that article – the excessive self-regard, pompous long-windedness, and self-pity – are just sauce for the goose.

                • mark f

                  I read just far enough past that to see him congratulate himself for BRAVE PUBLIC INTELLEKSHOOLIZM (again), then realized that I was still in the prologue. Zoinks.

              • John

                The best part is that Goldstein apparently believes that it is his mindless hatred of Obama which makes him disliked in right wing circles. Because the right wing blogosphere loves Obama.

                • Auguste


                  I paid a LOT of attention to Hot Air and related bloggers during that time, and it’s farcical to suggest that he’s TOO anti-Obama for Malkin and her ilk.

                  I’d be willing to bet that it’s a lot more to do with his personality. I skimmed the hell out of the article, so maybe he made a more cogent case that it’s not, but in general I’d bet more than a nickel that he creeped the hell out of them and/or needied himself right out of favored son status.

        • Anonymous37

          So SEK, that thing about Elway and the tie: is that a complete fabrication meant to mirror something he thought you said, or a misrepresentation, or what?

          • SEK

            I have no idea. I’ve only ever mentioned John Elway when discussing South Park.

            That said, I am known around campus for the awesomeness of my ties. I doubt he’s referencing that, but it’s a truth that’s worth telling.

            • Hogan

              There is ample proof that this did happen.

              I would urge you to create a tmblr for this if I had the slightest idea what a tumblr is.

              • Hogan

                Wow. How did that get pasted in? I meant the ties.

                • Hogan

                  It also appears that I can’t spell tumblr consistently. Time to switch to bourbon.

            • You wear ties? Interesting. Hell, I’ve never bothered tucking in my shirt to teach.

              • Davis X. Machina

                Sellout. I don’t wear any pants. The Man wants us to teach wearing pants.

                • Don’t think I haven’t had this very thought.

                • DrDick

                  Real men wear dresses to teach in!

                • Woodrowfan

                  teaching commando baby!

              • SEK

                You wear ties? Interesting. Hell, I’ve never bothered tucking in my shirt to teach.

                I’m compromising.

              • My alma mater had a business professor who tucked in his shirt so that when his glasses needed cleaning, he could unzip his fly pull out a shirt tail in the front and use it to wipe his glasses.

                A true story that will please Dr Dick no end, but did not please the females in attendance at all.

            • Anonymous37

              Okay … then that’s just weird: the sort of joke that makes sense to someone who’s poorly socialized when he rolls it around in his head, but falls flat when publishing it on his blog.

              I read Goldstein’s post once, and I honestly couldn’t make heads or tails out of the smoking gun that he seems to think he’s presenting. But after reading it, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that his fellow wingers are nervously avoiding him.

    • DocAmazing

      Jesus, does the guy get paid by the word or something? Self-pity has never been so prolix.

      • Timb

        Self-pity mixed with nuclear-powered narcissism. Just disgusting

        • Medicine Man

          Yeah, a lot of pseudo-intellectual puffery. He spends a lot of time saying very little and is strangely proud of it.

          • Yeah, check the comments for more of the same.

            Or don’t.

            • Medicine Man

              I took a quick look. Lots of “preach on, Bro!”. I don’t think they’re dumb over there, just not very self-aware.

      • DrDick

        Or tiresome and boring. I bailed after skimming a couple of paragraphs.

    • Hogan

      Yeah, that’s totally gonna happen.

    • Holy fuck. Ain’t that the truth? But do we really need five hours to determine he’s a freak show?

    • Atticus Dogsbody
      • I did and NO THANKS.

        • SEK

          It’s funny that Jeff thinks Frey’s behind it all.

    • Ramon A. Clef

      I’d sooner read the entire Twilight series, thanks.

      • Gus

        It would take less time.

    • Cody

      I’m more disturbed when he was upset that people “stopped supporting” Rush Limbaugh when he went on tirades about Obama.

      1) I don’t recall any Republicans disavowing Limbaugh, even after he called a college girl a slut for using birth control

      2) It was made pretty clear Jeff thought Republicans were crazy for not wanting to destroy America because Obama got elected.

  • Random

    Jeff Goldstein’s mental health issues were already revealed years ago on Jeff Goldstein’s blog.

    • Chet Manly

      This. You can be a paranoid effing nut even if someone is actually out to get you.

      • DocAmazing

        As I like to point out, every hypochondriac dies of something and every paranoid passes through metal detectors and under CCTV cameras.

  • Leeds man

    Jeff is not one to go gentle into that good night. Or the next morning.

    The spiter spit.

    • Timb

      How would we know, since we’d be reading that bullshit article for next 10 years? Talking about needing an editor

      • To quote Jeff G – “what’s an editor?”

      • Cheap Wino

        Jesus, he’s the worst writer ever. I thought I was bad with using too many parentheticals, he’s a disaster. I can’t even tell if he’s a complete idiot or too smart for me to understand, though when he starts talking about “intentionalism” and patting Limbaugh on the back it’s easier to form an opinion on that.

        My summary: People don’t understand my brilliance so fuck ’em.

        • Timb

          Applying narrow academic theories to the entire world is “too smart” for anyone, especially Lit Crit Writ Large.

          • Gus

            Exactly. Do even literary critics use language like that for any other purpose than tenure? What possible point can it have on a c list political blog?

  • Waingro

    That was way too fucking long and life it too short. Let me guess – more people found out that he’s crazy and are backing away slowly?

    • SEK

      Nope. They were out to get him and they got him, good. And boy howdy.

      Ryan/Romney 2012!

      • I am glad to see someone use “boy howdy” properly.

        • SEK

          I’m from the South … where even there we use it sarcastically. Sorry, Erik.

          • You are about to lose your honorary westerner credentials.

            • SEK

              I’m more than willing to abdicate credentials I never had.

          • njorl

            Sarcastically is properly.

    • Medicine Man

      I would bust out Occam’s Razor on this one and suggest that Malkin and company got tired of listening to him.

      • LarsMacomb

        Medicine Man for the win!

    • cpinva

      funny, i thought that was considered a benefit in rightwingnutostan?

      more people found out that he’s crazy and are backing away slowly?

  • Paul Campos

    Can somebody provide a tl;dr version?

    • SEK

      That defeats the purpose of having a Jeff in the first place, don’t you think?

      • Visitor

        Are you really really telling me that someone other than you actually wrote the linked post, and it’s not just a part of one of your clever anti-anti-dialectical dialogues?

        –confused (and if there really is a person posting that straight up, saddened) wicked positivist science-y visitor.

        • STH

          tl;dr: I don’t understand why nobody wants to hear me tell them in 10,000-word screeds why I am superior to them in every possible way.

        • RhZ


          Jeff is real. Sadly.

          He has been going at it for years, with a diminishing marginal return.

      • firefall

        There’s a purpose to having a Jeff?

    • DocAmazing

      “I can’t stop typing, and that bugs some of the other right-wingers.”

    • Leeds man

      Incoherent hermeneutics

      • Davis X. Machina

        I saw them play in Athens, GA once. I think it was 1983…

        • LarsMacomb

          I hated them, actually. Way too much bass and reverb.

          • BigHank53

            I would have enjoyed the show more if they’d ever figured how to play more than that one damn song.

            • Malaclypse

              I could never work out what that song really meant.

          • Pope Bandar bin Turtle

            Needed more cowbell!

        • Woodrowfan

          they’re still doing the county fair circuit even though the only original member of the band left is the roadie….

      • DrDick

        Would that be hermaphroneutics?

  • Hob

    “I was deemed a stalker, a beta male, or mentally unhealthy”

    Did someone actually call Goldstein a “beta male,” or does he mean that by disrespecting him in general, people are implying he’s something less than King Dick of Balls Mountain and that that’s equivalent to calling him crazy or a criminal?

    Personally, I think just using the phrase “beta male” implies something worse about the speaker than any of the above.

    • witless chum

      What do you think the ratio of people self-apply “Alpha Male” on the Internet to dudes who might plausibly be described that way by someone else in real life is?

      I don’t have a guess, but I’m sure it has an eleventy in it.

      • The Dark Avenger

        According to Bernard Shaw, when he asked Mr. Stanley of Stanley and Livingstone fame what proportion of men would be capable of leading an expedition, he said, “5 out of 100”.

        “Is that approximate or exact?”


        So, the Alpha Male is 5% of the manly population, probably 1.11% if you include 2nd-string conservative bloggers.

        “I was somebody, damnit!”

        • rea

          Stanley, actually, was a disasterously bad expedition leader. From Wikipedia:

          Stanley travelled to Zanzibar in March 1871 and outfitted an expedition with the best of everything, requiring no fewer than 200 porters. This 700 miles (1,100 km) expedition through the tropical forest became a nightmare. His thoroughbred stallion died within a few days after a bite from a Tsetse fly, many of his carriers deserted and the rest were decimated by tropical diseases.

          Some recent authors suggest that Stanley’s treatment of indigenous porters helps to refute his reputation for brutality. However, statements by contemporaries of Stanley like Sir Richard Francis Burton, who claimed “Stanley shoots negroes as if they were monkeys”, paint a very different picture

          • Woodrowfan

            he also manged to sign up to serve in the Confederate Army, the Union Army (briefly) and the Union Navy…

    • I never called Jeff a “beta male” although I might have inferred that he was a failed academic (as if you didn’t notice after getting through the entirety of his sad lament) and the butchest housewife this side of the Mississippi.

      • Timb

        Says you. He’s the butchest housewife in the entire country

      • SEK

        For the record, there’s nothing wrong with being a failed academic.

        • spencer

          Well that’s good news.

        • Some of my best friends are failed academics!

          I, personally, am a failed failed academic.

        • Lurker

          Yep. Any Ph.D. outside academia is by definition, a failed academic. At least if seen from the inside.

          For example, the POTUS is a failed academic. Obama clearly didn’t have what it takes to be a law prof, proven by the fact that he felt the need to leave his professorship for the US Senate and, later, the presidency. ;-)

      • Medicine Man

        Nifty – I don’t know the back story here. Are you one of the un-named subjects of his ire, TBogg?

    • Davis X. Machina

      “I was deemed a stalker, a beta male, or mentally unhealthy”

      Especially sad, considering the alternative was a being deemed joker, a smoker, a midnight toker.

      • Eric

        This made me laugh.

    • CaptBackslap

      Pretty much everyone I’ve seen use that phrase online is also either (a) a soi-disant “race realist” or (b) a feather-hatted “pickup artist” or follower thereof.

    • brad

      I’d wager that came from the supposed Anonymous activist that’s currently in jail in Texas, if my random sampling of that mess gave me any actual info. It’s a term that’s very current on the chans these days, along with an hilariously misguided misuse of plebeian (not that they know how to spell it, either).

      The “relevant” parts are after he makes the extended argument that unless you adopt his insane worldview you can’t have his thesaurus.

      • Cody

        Please tell me Republicans are using the word “plebeian” as an insult now!

        It perfectly demonstrates what their party is about.

        • Anonymistake

          Er, no, he’s not saying that republicans are using the word, he’s saying that the people on “the chans” (as in 4chan.org, etc.) are.

          Those people are called /b/tards, btw. They refer to themselves as /b/tards.

    • Aaron B.

      He can’t be a Beta Male – look at how many male children he has!

    • Medicine Man

      Aaaaand, as he is a wingnut and thus prone to projection, “stalker, beta male, and mentally unhealthy” is actually how he sees himself.

    • Lurker

      Actually, being a “beta male” is an honourable situation. It means being the second in command and the next in line to becoming the alpha. E.g. a platoon staff sergeant is the beta male to the platoon leader.

      Mr. Goldberg is here looking for the concept of “omega male”, i.e. the male on the lowest rung of the group.

  • Funkhauser

    Obama was who he had always been, a Marxist ideologue raised by a Communist, schooled in Marxism and leftwing activism (including revolution, by erstwhile revolutionaries), who made his bones first as a racially-demagoguing rabble-rouser, then as part of the Chicago thug machine politics.

    This is where I moved to the next subway car down, and clicked “Close Tab.”

    And as has been the case for many years, someone needs to inform Jeff that threats of physical violence are simply a mark of immaturity, not masculinity or bravery.

    • Timb

      Says you. Look how those threats brought Patterico down

    • This is where I moved to the next subway car down, and clicked “Close Tab.”

      I had much the same reaction (with a side of “Why oh why did I get out of the boat? I don’t even like mangoes”). Life is short and brain cells are a non-renewable resource.

      • James E. Powell

        That’s when I knew I was smack in the middle of crazy. I got out and won’t go back.

        From what I gathered to that point, he is complaining that the other right-wing bloggers are going out for lunch and not even asking him if he wants to go.

  • Wheezy

    I never wanted it to be an “easy” site to read or, for that matter, immediately understand.

    Mission accomplished.

    • JupiterPluvius

      Maybe if the word salad came with dressing of some kind?

      All I get from this is that other crazy people who make things up decided they didn’t want Mr. Goldstein to be part of their Crazy People Who Make Things Up club anymore, and so they were mean to him and now he’s mad.

      Am I missing anything? I guess the childish shunning behavior would lower my perception of Ms. Malkin and Mr. Reynolds if that were possible.

      It is not.

  • Kurzleg

    Complete leftwing hack? Why’s he being chincy with the complements?

  • AlexD

    Meh. Goldstein is still one of the blogosphere’s leading assholes. Any cretinistic lightweight son of a bitch who can be marginalized by Malkin and the like is a sorry motherfucker indeed.

    • JadeGold


      Frankly, Jeffy’s engaging in quite a bit of self-pity. And it’s not the first time. You can find the same puling when Pajamas Media dropped him and when his attempt to have paywalled blog was met with less than indifference.

      That aside, he’s just not right; he clearly has some mental health issues.

      But, hey, watching wingnuts collide is always entertaining.

      • Timb

        Borderline PD. look it up

        • Gabriel Mares

          This. Reading through as far as I got, I kept thinking “Wow this guy is massively borderline.”

          • Seriously. There comes a point where mocking stuff like this is akin to the old practices of visiting bedlam to jeer at the occupants. Guy needs help.

            • herr doktor bimler

              You can’t fix BPD or stupid.

              • Timb

                But, it’s supposed to get better as the person ages…in Jeff’s case, it’s gotten worse. Even though the DSM V is going to eliminate this diagnosis, someone should still be able to write a case paper on him that would get published

            • Alex

              There comes a point where mocking stuff like this is akin to the old practices of visiting bedlam to jeer at the occupants.

              I know, huh. I miss those days. . . .

          • Alex

            I kept thinking “I am massively indifferent to the woes of this dumbass”

  • Kurzleg

    Ok, I read far more than I meant to, and my response has to be, “So, you want to sell me some real estate.”

    • Scott Lemieux

      I suppose I could swing by tonight!

    • spencer

      No, I leave that to the salesmen.

  • that’s what movement conservatives have stooped to

    Au contraire, I’ll bet they were seated quite comfortably while they did that.

  • Jesus Christ, Michelle, just give him your email addy.

    • LarsMacomb

      Ha! Awesome response! Made me laugh and cry in a single sound.

  • njorl

    I didn’t read it to the end. Did he ever find out who stole the strawberries?

    • Ha!

    • Barry Freed


    • sparks

      So that’s what he does with his balls!

  • Steve

    He makes a pretty good case against his rightwing colleagues, but what was all that stuff about “intentionalism”?

    • INotI4

      Very short form:

      Essentially, textualists think you determine what a particular piece of text means by only looking at the words in it.

      Intentionalists, on the other hand, think you have to consider it as a statement said by a particular person, and look at what that individual meant, rather than only what the text says.

      It’s mainly an issue in literary criticism and law, but Jeff seems to think that textualism will destroy Western Civilization. I can’t pretend to understand that part.

      • Steve

        Thank you. I suppose it will be interesting to see how textualism destroys Western Civilization. I shall watch closely.

        • Well, that is for YOU to decide.

        • firefall

          First the West needs to get civilized, for that to happen.

      • Timb

        For instance, when Stacy McCain says that one can be fine with a black lady as a bank teller and still not want her to marry into your family and that doesn’t mean one is a racist, normal people are appalled. Jeff thinks you can’t tell McCain is a racist just because he says things prejudiced cracker assholes say; you have to ask him and she if he intended it to be racist.

        See, in one version McCain is a racist and in the other, he’s just a nice guy who says racist stuff

        • Hogan

          Well, no, in the other version he’s not a racist because only a racist could say racist things, and if he’s not a racist then what he said can’t possibly be racist. Ergo R. S. McCain is the Pierre Menard of racism: even if it;s verbally identical, it means something completely different when he says it.

        • rhino

          or in a third version, he could be a guy who is being unconsciously racist and saying things he does not even, himself, think are racist.

          that third guy is actually the most dangerous, because he has no realization of his sin, and therefore no reason to atone or amend.

        • Woodrowfan

          Schrödinger’s racist

        • JupiterPluvius

          No, look. Using the argumentum ad “Whoever smelt it, dealt it,” McCain isn’t a racist, but whoever says he’s a racist is a racist.

          It’s like you don’t remember the basic principles of common playground law or something!

        • Medicine Man

          So, basically a fancy-pants way of saying you can’t make objective judgments about a person’s motives based on their actions and speech. Seems pretty convenient to me.

          • soylenth

            and what’s really funny about it is he can’t read Obama’s statements and actions textually to save his life. He’s lectures everyone else about intentionalism and how unfair it is to read racism into anything, and then interprets Obama’s every statement as borderline tyranny. Sure, what the government says is, “unemployment is down, and here are the numbers.” but what they meant is “you are all one step closer to living under liberal fascist tyranny, sleeping fools!” He’s a giant hypocrite trying to have it both ways at the very least.

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        Leo Strauss had a similar view, but his bete noir was “historicism” not “textualism.”

        This whole thing is probably connected to Kantian nihilism.

      • herr doktor bimler

        This sounds rather like that school of religious exegetics where the true interpretation of the Infallible & Unchanging Holy Book will be revealed to you by the Pastor who knows what God really meant.

    • Hogan

      “Everybody is always entirely aware of all their thoughts, feelings and motivations whenever they say something, because otherwise Hitler. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

  • Matt

    I still don’t entirely understand why.

    To quote Xander Crews: “Uh, because they’re dicks?”

  • thebewilderness

    Shorter Jeff: I coulda been a contender!

  • SamR

    I don’t care for Goldstein, but holy crap, those chats he posts with Patterico and Brown are messed up. Patterico is a real piece of work.

    • Timb

      Watch ourself believing anything Goldstein posts. He’s a bit of a liar…..unhinged too

      • SEK

        Don’t not believe those. They’re not the worst of it, or even, honestly, that bad … but they’re indicative.

        • rhino

          “don’t not believe”? ummmmm, what?

          • JoshA

            SEK is saying that those chats are accurate transcripts.

            • Incontinentia Buttocks

              Always hard to understand a textualist. ;-)

              • firefall

                Ah but is he an intentional textualist?

  • LeeEsq

    What was this all supposed to mean? Its like reading stream of conscious literature by self-pitying conservative jerks.

    • njorl


      • LeeEsq

        Your right, I shouldn’t have put the like in there.

  • Timb

    Anyone who can make Patterico look like a reasonably sane truth teller is amazing.

  • djw

    I got as far as the part where he explains that pointing out Robert Stacy fucking McCain might be a bit of a racist will lead directly to the destruction of Western Civilization. There were plenty of warning signs I should probably stop reading before that, but this one I couldn’t ignore.

    • soylenth

      Yeah, that was, uh, something else. Textualism leads directly to tyranny. Okay then.

  • JDC

    Should never let a Goldstein thread pass without posting The Ultimate Link.

    • I miss Chris Clarke’s Eliot parody.

      • Leeds man

        It was the pinnacle of Jeff’s career.

        • Auguste

          That, and Roxanne’s Purblind Jism.

    • HTML BROUGHT IT. Oh, poor TallDave.

      • rhino

        What ever happened to HTML? I miss the nasty bastard.

  • synykyl

    I will take your word that the other right wing assholes conspired to diminish and discredit Goldstein, but I find it hard to believe that they could have been any more effective in that effort than he has been himself.

  • whetstone

    I have been arguing — against those on both the left and right, against both academics and lawyers, layman and professionals — that the way they’ve been taught to think about language and how it functions is itself the mechanism by which the country will necessarily continue to move leftward.

    Man, I’d totally forgotten about that dude. Doesn’t look like I missed much in the interim.

  • mothra

    He made a snotty; self-serving; attack on you in that Book of Job essay of his…

  • Gee, what, even crazy shitheads like Michelle Malkin think the dick-slapper has mental issues? Gee whilikers, who’da thunk?

  • spencer

    Christ, what an asshole.

  • patrick II

    So, if I correctly understand what I read of Jeff’s diatribe, he thinks there is a right wing conspiracy against him, which includes Michelle Malkin, because he speaks harshly of Obama?

    OK, sure.

  • rea

    Poor little man. Somebody give him a hug.

  • By far the worst recorded case of “dude, get over yourself.”

    Pepys on antidepressants and speed.

  • norbizness

    This is like finding out that somebody I barely knew at my 3000-person high school had been blacklisted from that kicker bar I hated.


      • Auguste

        norbizness disdaining the effort spent on responding to a right-wing asshole, and Pinko Punko posting a brilliantly dadaist comment! It’s like no time went by at ALL!

        • I feel like we know each other

          • Auguste

            I’m half-heartedly starting poetry blogging again. I’ll let you know when I have 3-4 posts to prove I can actually stick with that shit.

  • The Kenosha Kid

    So Goldstein is starting a flamewar with Patterico. I am rooting for both of them to lose.

    • brad

      I just want it to be made more public.
      This would be the first bloggingheads I actually watch.

  • brad

    After wading through the transcripts with the supposed “leet” Anon, who strikes me as being very plausible as a high level hacker who brags about his activities to someone he knows to be an LA DA, I just have one question;

    what does Ann Althouse think?

    • Timb

      I reject the premise of the question. Ann doesn’t think about things

  • “I still don’t entirely understand why.”

    Jeff Goldstein is extraordinarily self-involved — to the point in my view of being clinically narcissistic. He is also incredibly paranoid and sensitive to any hint of a slight or of anything he can turn into a slight. He is also a vindictive Internet bully. It’s an understatement to say that he has an inflated opinion of the importance of his own ideas and the elegance of his own writing. In truth, he’s a terrible writer. His posts are endless pretentious diatribes filled with self-conscious academic jargon and run-on sentences. Anyone who doesn’t already know this will know it after reading this piece of his. I made it to the end was skimming large portions; some might not even have that much patience.

    That said, someone like Michelle Malkin, who is a pedestrian writer at best, and whose hatefulness is exceeded only by Pamela Geller and Ann Coulter, certainly has no standing to disdain Jeff Goldstein.

    There ARE right-wing bloggers who write well. Allahpundit at Hot Air, for example, is a truly gifted writer, imo. Now *there* is elegant, fluid, beautifully constructed writing. I disagree with every word he writes, but I read his posts for sheer pleasure, because I get so much enjoyment out of reading good writing.

  • herr doktor bimler

    I can only suppose that some malicious person has weighed down that poor man’s word processor with a whole bunch of macros.

  • R. Porrofatto

    Let’s see:
    – massive persecution complex: check
    – exaggerated self-regard: check
    – unrestrained conspiranoia: check
    – maximum vehemence/prolixity to fatuous/triviality ratio: check
    – pathological neediness: check
    – recent purchase of high-velocity assault weaponry, ammunition, excessive combat technology: check

    Sleep well, Colorado.

    • But be on the lookout for purchases of red hair dye.

      • sparks

        I thought it’d be a massive strap-on.

        • Woodrowfan

          why not both??

  • Mrs Tilton

    Sweet Xipe H. Totec on the flaying-altar! I can’t believe you suckered me into reading that thing.

    See, from the post title I’d thought, maybe Godlstein’s going to reveal us that he had, in fact, been struggling with mental illness, and that the Mean Girls of the rightard blogosphere had been using that fact as a weapon against him in some internecine Republican pissing contest. And that would have won Godlstein some real sympathy from me, for all that he is a man in equal parts contemptible, irritating and insignificant.

    But no. It was just acres and acres of his usual tl;dr whining about what normal people already know: that the counterrevolution devours its children.

    And so my sympathy for Godlstein remains what it has always been: nil. He is simply that shark in the feeeding frenzy luckless enough to have been nicked by a stray tooth, his blood thereupon driving his mates to start shredding him as well. Good. If only there were some way the entire lot of them could drive each other to misery, despair and, above all else, obscurity.

    Also, Godlstein clearly has far too much time on his hands. He really needs to go out and get a job flippping burgers or something, and stop living off his wife’s earnings.

    • Jerry Vinokurov

      Yay for Xipetotec.

  • MsPopi

    Yikes. I vaguely remember that.

    He has been whining for years about not getting links, blah, blah, did everyone forget how he used to be recognized, blah, blah. Quite the sense of entitlement for a capitalist.

    While some of those texts were nasty, Jeff certainly has been an internet bully for years. And there seems to be a new blog fight when his traffic drops below a certain point. Good God, all of that happened years ago.

    As others have said, it’s pretty telling if even mm doesn’t to associate with you.

  • He lost me at “Marxist”. Only a fascist deals in absolutes.

    • penpen

      Hah! Nice.

  • Jerry Vinokurov

    Right-wing infighting is not my specialty, so I’m having a rather difficult time following this, especially since every reference in JG’s post is a link to another one of his posts. Am I right in sussing out that this Patterico guy is somehow abusing his power as DA to make life difficult for JG or something? The amount of effort required to process this is surpassed only by my apathy regarding these gentlemen and their squabbles, so perhaps someone who has already taken the time to grok this could explain it in three short sentences.

  • Robert M.

    I’m torn.

    I admit that I’m intensely curious about the infighting that Godlstein is apparently discussing.

    But I also have a rule about getting out of the boat, particularly where Godlstein is concerned; he would be contemptible if he weren’t quite obviously and literally unwell. (I’ve been close to two people who were diagnosed with clinical narcissism and one with BPD, and based on those experiences I’m hoping he’s having a clinical conversation with someone, in depth and at length.)

    So I have to echo the request: can some brave soul post a TL;DR summary?

    • JupiterPluvius

      Mr. Goldstein’s fellow wingers are being mean to him and undermining his rightful position as a pundit, to which SEK concurs that the undermining is real.

      Mr. Goldstein’s conclusion is not the one that you or I might come to, which is that these people are petty megalomaniacs with crap ideas, and as such it’s not surprising that they’re acting like spiteful children. Rather, Mr. Goldstein’s conclusion is that they can’t handle the truthiness he’s laying down because they are tools of Obama’s Communist totalitarian state.

  • nate

    It may be true that people in the rightwing blogsphere conspired to marginalize Jeff, but read that blog for any amount of time, ANY, and tell me he doesn’t have fucking mental health issues.

    He made himself known to me back in the day by posting Theristes personal information on his blog when he seemed to be losing an argument over his bullshit literary hobby horse (he also tracked down and exposed HTML Menken for the post linked here earlier). He constantly threatened people, usually in disturbing sexual ways, who said things he didn’t like.

    When he went off the blogsphere for a while, he was obsessed with catch wrestling and started threatening people and causing fights on message boards.

    Now he’s doing shit like cleaning his guns in his driveway and scaring the shit out of his neighbors (who are all against him, naturally).

    The guy’s a grade A asshole, full stop.

    • The Tragically Flip

      My god, he’s Dale Gribble.

  • SEK

    Actually, I do have something to add to this. My eyes had apparently glazed over by the time this appeared:

    In addition to what I believe was a behind the scenes whisper campaign against me, this honorable man made, later on, an unsubstantiated claim, publicly, that I’d been sent some sort of legal document for the email harassment of some unnamed party. I immediately called on him to release the letter, release copies of the emails, or any proof that any such incident ever happened, such a letter was ever drafted or sent, or that I’d ever received it. He didn’t. The truth is, I never received any such letter because none was ever sent. There were no harrassing emails. And there was no real complainant. But, as an honorable man, the prosecutor couldn’t release the name of the supposed aggrieved, who told the prosecutor, the prosecutor then told us, s/he didn’t wish to be named. Though presumably s/he didn’t have that same concern when s/he sent me the letter, more than likely for legal reasons (as well as common sense reasons) containing the name that it was now important to keep concealed. Which s/he didn’t. Because this person never existed.

    He’s wrong. I did, and do exist. I’d been receiving daily, occasionally hourly, harassing emails from someone claiming to be Jeff. After getting fed up with having to deal with them, I did have a lawyer send a cease-and-desist warning to the address Jeff had provided me during this book event at the Valve. I mentioned this to Frey at some point, but I never gave him copies of the original emails or the warning, on the advice of my lawyer. Given that the emails stopped after I sent the letter, I was reluctant to identify myself for fear they’d start up again, but at this point, years removed, I doubt they will. So, there you have … something. I’m not sure what, but if it means I’m going to be receiving angry emails from Jeff again, I’ll likely regret having written this.

    • I still don’t really understand your relationship with Patterico or PW. It’s a unique … something. If you ever really want to write a novel, there it is.

      • Timb

        Scott’s willingness to participate in their shenanigans is better than I can do. I find Goldstein to be a petty bully.

        P.S. Anyone who allows jd allen tyrant powers on his blog has suspect judgement.

    • Dustin

      I wondered who it was. Thank you for being willing to clarify the matter.

      • SEK

        Years later, now that I know he’s heavily armed, I thought it best to come clean … because I’m an idiot. But I’m sure it’ll make for some great blog posts, as I dodge bullets, Matrix-style, really well. Especially when I’m in the Bat-suit I designed in case this day ever came, because its seriousness is a seriousness I can’t ignore, because Obama, and Batman, and for real, you know.

        • Timb

          He’s just a bully, Scott. A repeat letter, with a reminder of civil consequences will shut him up.

          And, to think, all I got was a public threat of violence,not private harrassment. Pwning him has consequences

      • Timb

        Oh, look, Aaron and Pat’s caddy and girl Friday has arrived

    • beyond politics

      OK, I read the letters you received from him. Nothing spooky crazy about them but your attitude is a fairly abrupt. It’s not clear if you wrote the ARROGANT long letter pompously bragging about tenure (seriously, dude?). If you did write that, you need help.

    • iwonder

      Are you sure Jeff sent you those harassing emails? Given that you say:

      I have emails and chat transcripts that prove that Jeff’s not lying. His fellow conservatives went far beyond the emails and chat transcripts he links to in order to diminish and discredit him.

      Is it possible those same conservatives sent you the harassing emails, signing Jeff’s name? I have no basis to evaluate the honesty of either party, you would know better than I.

      Is that hushmail message about “tenure” from you? If you didn’t send it then I’d suspect a dirty tricks effort, targeting both of you.

  • Phoenician in a time of Romans

    Prior to 2008-9, and in fact going back to 2002 / 2004, protein wisdom was one of the most respected and popular “right wing” sites in the nascent blogosphere.

    Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would consider him mentally unbalanced…

  • chris9059

    WTF was that all about?

    • SEK

      I just solved the greatest mystery of Jeff’s life, which was completely to obvious to all involved except Jeff, and which will haunt him ’til his dying days.

      • iwonder

        After reading all the related posts, here’s a thought. We know the hushmail allegedly from you was spoofed, so mischief was afoot. Jeff denies sending you harassing emails, but you’re convinced he was the culprit because they stopped after you sent the C&D. However, someone else knew about the C&D. So if by chance someone else spoofed those emails, then they would also know when to stop.

  • herr doktor bimler

    I remain steadfast in my belief that SEK invented this whole ‘Goldstein’ character and his website outpourings as part of an elaborate Sokal hoax.

    • Yeah. First time I was exposed to Goldstein I prayed–and I’m an atheist–that it was a joke. So I totally understand your reaction.

  • LT

    Why the fuck did you subject us to that self-congratulating whining shitfest?

  • LT

    Is Goldstein @Shoq on Twitter?

  • elephantintheroom

    Jeff insists he didn’t send those harassing emails. You say you didn’t send the crazy hushmail. Did someone punk you both? Who could it be??

    Pardon my OCD but here’s a look back:

    3/5/09 beginning of Goldstein/Frey war (re Rush Limbaugh)

    9/25/09 Goldstein/Kaufman email correspondence begins

    12/1/09 Frey/Kaufman blog battle over Ed Morrisey

    12/1/09 Fake hushmail from “Kaufman” to Goldstein

    12/14/09 Final, amiable email from Kaufman to Goldstein

    12/18/09 American Power covers blog war between Goldstein & Frey

    12/18/09 RS McCain posts Frey’s vow to ruin Goldstein

    12/19/09 Frey spams 30 comments on Goldstein’s site in one night, writes 10 posts about him that week

    Kaufman: In late 2009 or early 2010 I began to receive… unhinged emails from someone claiming to be “Jeff” from “proteinwisdom.com.

    Kaufman: I did, however, make a mistake in mentioning that I’d sent this letter to Patrick Frey without explicitly indicating that I’d rather it [the C&D] remain private.

    2/16/11 Frey chats with Barrett Brown about employing Anonymous against Kaufman

    3/16/11 Frey: Oh, and I’m a stalker! That said, nobody has sent *me* any cease and desist letters lately. I’m told Jeff can’t say the same.

    3/16/11 Kaufman’s response: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=25715

    • elephantintheroom

      Oh crap last items 2/16 and 3/16 should be Goldstein not Kaufman. Frey hoped to use Anons against Goldstein.

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