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Dan Riehl admits, openly and proudly, that he’s a racist.


Not that we didn’t know this already, as this is the man who once claimed that all black kids, even when they’re “pretty young [and] not that big,” are “technically thugs,” but his latest statement welds the deal shut in such a way that no excuse or apology will ever be able to escape it:

As Media Reports Conflict, Why Was Trayvon Martin Photo Altered?

Among a few interesting items uncovered in trying to examine the facts behind the shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin without drawing any conclusions, was that a widely viewed photograph of Martin appears to have been altered, somewhat.

Here is what appears to be the original via the Miami Herald.

The one below has been observed in the media and at forums such as Democracy Now. Clearly, it has been lightened, or softened, somehow. Along with other possible alterations, he looks far more, perhaps innocent is the right word, in the altered image.

Dan Riehl believes that if you “lighten” an image — that is, if you contribute to the impression that there’s a possibility that the person in the photograph may be white — that person “looks far more … innocent.” So:

White people?




Just look at them. They’re “technically thugs,” and therefore deserve to be shot by gun-toting racists who’ve made 46 calls to 911 complaining about “suspicious” darkies engaging in activities such as walking in and out of their parents’ open garages or playing soccer in the street.

I won’t republish them here, but I exchanged a series of emails with Riehl — who’s more than welcome to republish my replies, if he so desires — after I called him a racist for being afraid of seventh graders who were only “technically thugs.” His defense was that I would’ve been afraid too, which tells you all you need to know about Dan Riehl. That he worked for and admired Andrew Brietbart and supports the political theater of James O’Keefe is entirely beside the point, except that it isn’t. He’s a racist parading his denial with all the subtlety of someone who dons a “GOD HATES FAGS” sign at a Marine’s funeral.

And just as classy, too.

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  • Mrs Tilton

    And just as classy, too.

    Or, alternatively, as classy as a man who’d allow his brother to die of AIDS alone in a doss-house.

  • Murc

    Not only that, but to make his post double super extra special, he’s wrong on the facts.

    The supposedly ‘lightened’ photo is, as far as I know, the original. The one in the Miami Herald is a photograph OF the photograph, that was blown up really big to go on a sign at a protest. Which is why it not only is dark, but otherwise grainy and shitty.

    • SEK

      I’m stepping away from the computer before we truly test the theory that you really wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

      • Murc

        … wha?

        Oh, wait. Hmm.

        The “he” in “he’s wrong on the facts” is referring to Dan Riehl.

        Not to you.

        • SEK

          No, I knew what you meant. I’m just becoming so angry I’m starting to scare myself. (The fact that I apparently only watch dramas probably has something to do with this, as does the fact that I’ve only watched old episodes of Homicide for the past two hours, meaning that when I Hulk-out, I’ll be half-Hulk, half-Pembleton. I certainly wouldn’t want to get in that beast’s way.)

          • Murc

            Oh, okay. I thought I’d somehow pissed you off, and then I thought it was because you interpreted my comment as some sort of crypto-racist defense thing.

            The fact that I apparently only watch dramas probably has something to do with this

            I take this opportunity to once again pimp Legend of Korra to you. Go watch the Avatar hurl water at people and be a lippy teenager! It will do your soul god.

    • Hob

      And in the same damn Miami Herald article that Riehl himself linked to, that photo is captioned thusly: “A photo of Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie was used on banners and signs carried by protesters in New York City on March 21, 2012.” OK, that might still be a little ambiguous as to whether they were showing the original photo, or the reproduction of it on a protester’s sign… unless you look at the credit, which is to a photographer at a stock photo agency, meaning this was taken out on the street, since the original would be owned by Martin’s family. And there’s more of the same photographer’s images right here.

      So Riehl has no possible reason for thinking that was the original photo… except that it’s darker.

  • I don’t see how Riehl’s post can be racist, Glenn linked to it with any complaint.

    • mark f

      I’m surprised Glenn hasn’t pulled a “They told me if I voted for John McCain black teens would be murdered with impunity . . . and they were right!” out yet.

    • DrDick

      Glenn linked to it because Riehl conclusively proves that Negros are the real racists for making him fear and loath them so much. Also, they are responsible for the fact that he has a micropenis.

  • c u n d gulag

    How pathetic is it that this clown makes idjit’s like Donald Douglas (American NeoCLOWN), and Glenn Reynolds, look like intellectual lions?

    And he gets PAID for his idiocy?
    I should be making 7 figures a year, if Liberals had Moonbat Welfare!

    And, yes, I realize that, to them, we Liberals are racists – because we point out the racism on the right.
    And black people themselves, who object to Conservative racism – they are the REAL racists!

    There’s NO ONE more racist than a black person, or the people who defend them, and try to make the country better, and more equal for the races.

    Just like there are no greater misogynists, than women trying to defend themselves, and their rights, and the people trying to create equality for the sexes.


    • SEK
      • Barry Freed

        That made me laugh.

  • RepubAnon

    Shorter Reihl: “I’m not racist, I merely determine the guilt or innocence of the accused by their skin color.”

    • Or alternate shorter Reihl: “I’m not racist, I just constantly say racist stuff and hate black people.”

      • Bill Murray

        surely he hates all non-right thinking people regardless of skin color

  • dp

    These minor Breitbartians are both stupid and scary.

    • Fighting Words

      I like the term “breitbrat.”

      • Grace

        I call them Breitfarts

        • c u n d gulag

          They’re definitely “farts” – just not at all ‘Breit…’

  • Speaking of God Hates Fags. Here’s Dan talking about his dead brother who was gay and probably died of “aids” for all Dan Knows…

    • SEK

      Ahem. No, wait, sorry, I meant “Ahem.” Much, er, better.

    • mark f

      Yes, but Riehl assuming that gay brother that he hadn’t talked to in years died of AIDS in a San Francisco flophouse while collecting welfare just proves how homophobic other people are. Riehl making constant gay jokes proves that the real homophobes are . . . well, I don’t know. But not Dan.

      • AGM

        The cognitive dissonance in that post nearly made my eyes bleed. Riehl must have a skull like a diving bell to keep it all in.

        • DrDick

          Jeebus! You actually went over there and read it? Best go to the doctor tomorrow and make sure that all your shots are up to date. Cthulhu only knows what you might catch over there.

      • Dan Coyle

        Years later, Riehl was fond of saying he made that post because he found out about his brother’s death only hours beforehand.

        John Nolte is proud to call Dan Riehl his “friend.”

  • UserGoogol

    To try to be charitable, there have been times where photos of black people have had their skin darkened and it’s been pretty much attacked as making them look more “threatening.” (Obama in the primary, for instance.) Conservatives might think that you can just flip the idea around and then attack people for making people seem “less threatening.”

    Of course the problem with that is that it’s not remotely a symmetric situation. The problem with darkening black people to make them look scarier is that it’s racist. But when you turn that around, it would be kind of weird for the Martin family to want to make their son look less black. You’d have to go deep into “anti-racists are the real racists” bizarro logic for that to make sense.

    • Hob

      I think the intended point is more like this: the photo was altered because, as everyone knows, the mass media in America are biased in favor of young black thugs and are always trying to make them seem nicer (or at least that’s been their habit ever since they got their marching orders from President Black Hitler). Riehl doesn’t have to point to any examples of this actually happening– it’s just the logical consequence of imagining that we’ve been ruled for the last 4 years by the Symbionese Weather Panthers.

      • Hob

        Sorry, I meant the last 3 years and 3 months. It’s hard to keep track of time with all these hippie jackboots on my face!

        • joe from Lowell

          Coining “Symbionese Weather Panthers” means never having to say you’re sorry.

          • However, you must allow me to use it for my ska band name.

            • Hob

              Totally, but you have to send me your firstborn CD.

              • firefall

                Can I send you mine as well?

          • Hob

            Cool! That’s going to save me a lot of time.

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      • IVIzih suagrucroraf

  • Drew

    Blacks always look darker in person anyway.

    • BigHank53

      Everything looks darker when you’re shitting yourself. Ask Dan if you don’t believe me.

  • gocart mozart

    Now that Moe is dead, the Breibrats have resorted to slapping themselves in the face and poking their own eyes out. The show must go on. Riehl is Shemp.

    • c u n d gulag

      No – he’s Curly Joe.

  • Besides being a racist idiot, he’s also wrong. As Charles Johnson posted, the (ahem) “darker” image was actually, according to the cutline that accompanied that photo, a picture of a sign at a rally bearing Martin’s photo. So that’s the source of his big conspiracy: a picture of a picture, not an actual picture which may have been manipulated. When his error was pointed out Riel trolled the internet looking for other pictures of Martin and found one of a completely different kid to support his point. I guess they all look like.

    • joe from Lowell

      As one of the more insightful commenter on the “technically thugs”post pointed out, “The using suspects are going to say this is raaaaaaaaaaaacist.”

      Gee, ya think?

      • in what goddam sense is Zimmerman’s snarl of “fucking coons” not racist?

        yes, the ‘usual suspects’ will be calling it out as racist. As will all the other normal, non-racist humans.

        • Holden Pattern

          See, you asking that question is the real racism.

        • firefall

          The question no one is asking is:
          “If it’s such a lead-pipe bad shoot of Trayvon, why didn’t the police arrest him”

          No one has asked that question. There are only two possibilities.

          1)The police are all corrupt KKK members and are in league with racist Hispanics.

          2)They know something that hasn’t come out in the new media. Something that exonerates Zimmerman.

          No one has waited for evidence.

          Wait for evidence.

          • timb

            There are more than those two possibilities. Someone in your shoes should learn what the words “disinterest” and “lazy” mean.

            Oh, and that cops are not lawyers and, in this case, did not do their job. Although they are leaking hysterical things to the Orlando papers

          • redwoods

            Damn boy, you don’t spend much time down this way, do you?

  • thebewilderness

    You would be too? Srsly?
    Millions of people fearlessly come in contact with black teenagers every single day, even here in terror stricken white mans land.
    I’m just gobsmacked by that wacky projection.

  • Honorable….BOB

    We’ll meet again,
    Don’t know where,don’t know when.
    But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

    • SEK

      Nice, “honest” editing there Bob. You know what?


      • Honorable….BOB

        We’ll meet again,
        Don’t know where,don’t know when.
        But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

        • As a capitalist, I’d like you to make as much money as possible.

          As a Small Business Owner as venerated by Congresspeople both right and left, I will anticipate your call for me to design your house and your business’ building within the month.

          I mean, since the plus dollars are so plentiful.

          Thank You in advance!

        • SEK

          You do realize that they mutilate 49 percent of my people at birth in such a way that they can’t ever really not be Jewish, don’t you?


          (This is to “H”B, I hope obviously.)

          • DrDick

            Hell they did that to me and most Okies in the 50s. Does that mean we are all Jews now? I mean that Mormon baptism thing was creepy enough. On the upside I would love to see the looks on the faces of all those rednecks.

            • Honorable….BOB

              We’ll meet again,
              Don’t know where,don’t know when.
              But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

            • Warren Terra

              Depends on who did it. If it was done by a Doctor Cohen, maybe you are Jewish!

              • DrDick

                LOL! Then I really am going to hell, like the Talibangelicals and mouth breathers like Boob have been telling me for almost 50 years. I do not think I could go through life without pork and shellfish.

                • Warren Terra

                  Not sure we have a Hell. I thought the afterlife was mostly a Christian invention.

                • DrDick

                  That’s OK, since I don’t believe in any of it anyway.

          • Honorable….BOB

            We’ll meet again,
            Don’t know where,don’t know when.
            But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

            • joe from Lowell

              He’ll defer to your obvious expertise on the matter.

              Om nom nom.

            • SEK

              You think Jews are the only ones?

              Who have a bris performed in Hebrew? Yes, in fact, I do.


              Plus, bonus round, you haven’t got a clue what I think about Israel, you’re just being an arrogant little shit. It’s almost as if I might, like most Jews, be conflicted about it. So you know what? First:



              Go fuck yourself.



              • DrDick

                By the way, if he follows your advise, it will be the only sex he gets all year.

              • DrHaverty

                SEK asks rails on others, writes them emails and calls them racists.

                However, when it’s his turn to answer….not so much. It’s so much easier to bob and weave, state things about his family that’s supposed to get his reader to jump to conclusions and when that doesn’t work….simply delete posts instead of simply answering simple questions.

                The question for SEK remains unswered: Does he support Israel? (It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ easy question.)

                • Uncle Kvetch

                  DrHaverty, the question for you is a yes or no easy question: were you masturbating to a picture of Ann Coulter with one hand while typing your comment with the other? Or are you going to bob and weave?

                • Bill Murray

                  Bob’s his typing hand, that’s why it’s honorable. Weave is his hand O’Onanism. It’s horable.

                  And is do you support Israel a simple yes or no question? Sure you support them regardless if you’re Sasquatch, but if you can see more than black and white, support often depends on the issue.

                  This comment brought to you by the Mo’ Money for LGM caucus


                • DrDick

                  Please define “support Israel”. There are many, often conflicting, ways to define that. I suspect, however, that you only mean “do you support everything Israel does regardless of law or morality.”

                • Holden Pattern

                  I suspect Bob means “Hates the filthy Arab animals and wants to see them ground into the dirt”.

                • Cheap Wino

                  See, you’re not going to get a response because when somebody says “Does he support Israel? (It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ easy question.)” it is obnoxiously obvious that the person asking the question isn’t interested in real discussion.

                  The Sean Hannity method of debate has no place in intelligent conversation. Try again.

                • Five minions

                  Having minions would be cool. Just saying.

                  And yet, SEK has not come out from behind their skirts.

                  Subtext once again becoming text.

      • Honorable…..Bob


        If you want to go down that road of ‘sockpuppetry’, I can do that.

        You won’t like it.

  • joe from Lowell

    I’m still stuck on the “technically thugs” post.

    The thought of several inner-city 7th graders sitting together on the bus and deciding that the subject of their conversation was going to be politics, no matter how juvenile their commentary may be, no matter how rough their language, would be enough to make me turn cartwheels down the aisle.

    But this jerk is askeered.

    These boys, probably 11-14 years of age and sitting together, weren’t talking about music. They weren’t talking about girls. They weren’t talking about basketball, or who was going to kick whose ass, or who’s gay. They were talking about national politics. Hooray!

    I’ve been teaching in urban middle- and high-school classrooms since 2007, and I am 100% certain that this country is going to have a brighter future because of the way the election of Barack Obama affected kids like this. Their understanding of who they are and what they can be in this society is different because of that event. They don’t think they are inevitably going to be under the authority of the Dan Riehls of the world.

    That’s probably what scared him so much.

    • Yep. This.

      My son goes to a minority-majority school, has for all his 17 years; he consumes more of teh Maddow-Ed-Olbermann and Daily Show news than I do.

      • joe from Lowell

        I got to show a diverse classroom of 7th graders his start-of-the-school-year address in 2009. I got to watch them as they watched him.

        Dan “Sieg!” Riehl would have been wetting himself.

      • Law Spider

        As both a public university prof and (hopefully) a citizen of the country for the next 40 or so years, this info has made my year.

    • What a lovely thing to read. Thanks for sharing.

  • R. Porrofatto

    Peak wingnut is an unattainable extreme state that defies even the laws of General Relativity. A commenter to Riehl’s latest:

    There’s this legislative aide in Tallahassee, and apparently there’s been talk for a while that the anti-gun crowd would concoct some sort of incident to back-door the constitutional right to carry laws. Could this whole Zimmerman thing be some sort of setup, where they point a loose cannon at somebody and see what happens?

    • point a loose cannon at

      metaphor fail.

      • Warren Terra

        I rather like it, actually. Evocative, and better than most mixed metaphors.

  • mark f

    Chris Muir has weighed in!

    (Hint: the president’s the head of the black KKK)

    • Curse you for reminding me that Chris Muir still exists.

      I will say, though, that he hasn’t lost it, primarily because he never had it.

    • moron

      Nothing says ” Kantian Nihilism ” like exercising the DOJ’s power to investigate the lynching of a black teenager when the white local police have effectively declared it legal.

  • herr doktor bimler

    Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Black people in America are racists because they have this group identity deal and are treating the lynching of one black kid in Florida as if it personally related to them. Conversely, non-black people like Riehl are non-racist because OMG SOMEONE WAS MEAN ABOUT OUR BROTHER ZIMMERMAN!!!

  • BradP

    I am not familiar with Reihl but what you have linked to lays the case for racism down pretty flat.

    I don’t think that his reference to the lighting of the picture is racism, so much as it is your run-of-the-mill obnoxious conservative gamesmanship (which, of course, usually contains more than a little latent racism).

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