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Against the Arbitrary Obstacle Course


A petition worth signing.

In a related story, the set of abortion regulations about to become law in Virginia is still really terrible policy.

…I like this response, although surely to be truly equitable men seeking any kind of reproductive care should be required to undergo a colonoscopy. As Tyler Cowen and Megan McArdle would surely agree, it’s just about being an informed consumer.

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  • Spud

    My take on this is best exemplified by a sign which was carried by Oklahoma State Senator Judy McIntyre

  • Honorable..BOB

    No right is absolute. Especially one that is not explicit, but is an implied right based upon another implied right.

    So get over it.

    • R Johnston

      Better trolls please. This one isn’t at all amusing.

      • Honorable..BOB

        Shorter R Johnston: “I don’t have anything to say, but I’m gonna flap my gums anyway cuz I like the way it sounds and I don’t have a goat to worm at this time”.

      • DrDick

        There may not be any absolute rights, but Boob is always absolutely wrong. nice to know there are some things in life you can depend on.

    • Furious Jorge

      Shorter Bob: We’re doing this because we can, not because it makes sense or anything.

    • Spud

      So you are saying some rights may be wrong and not all rights are right or are rights in of themselves. In conclusion, mairzy doats And dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey

    • Spud

      The sentiment is right in the good state senator’s sign.

      If women wanted government in their wombs, they would boink senators

  • RepubAnon

    Actually, all male Republican legislators should be forced to have cystoscopies instead – just to check on the health of their bladders and maybe check the prostate from the inside.

    See, in a cystoscopy – an instrument is inserted into the urinary tract all the way up into the bladder. In males, this is done by inserting the cystoscope into the penis – a somewhat uncomfortable bit of role reversal for that organ.

    To quote The Mikado: It is my very humane endeavor to make, to some extent, each evil liver a running river of harmless merriment…

    • R Johnston

      All legislators pruriently concerned with controlling what women do with their lady bits should be force fed Brie and refused water until the calcium, salt, and dehydration cause a kidney stone to form and pass. Every time they vote to force a pregnancy or for policies that limit women’s ability to control their own fertility the process should be repeated.

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