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The Edge of the American West is back!


One of my old haunts, The Edge of the American West, is back to producing the high-quality blog-commentary you’d expect from somewhere I’m not writing.

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  • Jim Lynch

    Off Topic: Herman Cain contends that, although he was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit, he was unaware that a cash settlement with his accusers made the lawsuit go away.

    A question for legally informed, from the legally challenged: As preposterous as that sounds, is it within the realm of legal plausibility that he might be telling the truth?

    • ploeg


      And Cain’s already moved on to “Oh, that cash settlement.

      • No doubt it was just more of the ransom money that corporations routinely pay to greedy plaintiffs attorneys who file nothing but frivolous lawsuits. If only we could get rid of those attorneys, we’d have jobs for everybody.

  • Vance Maverick

    It’s characteristic of the dear old blog that the first response to the announcement of its return should be avowedly off topic.

  • Jim Lynch

    Hey, I clinked on the link in order to check out Edge Of The West. But the first couple of paragraphs of the post didn’t make much sense, and so I clicked on About This Blog, which in turn read: “Maybe this blog is coming back, in some form”.

    And so, because of the L in LG&M, I then changed the subject.

    So sue me.

    • rea

      The discussion of the Roosevelt Administration’s efforts to sell Bretton Woods to the general public made perfect sense to me–I don’t know why you had a problem with it.

      And a lot of lawyers hang out here–saying “sue me” is a bad idea!

  • xaaronx

    It made my day when I saw the name come up in my RSS reader. I’m still pretty sure the Muppet movie brought them back.

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