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Only, it is.  I feel like with all that’s going on, I’m becoming a bit like a self-absorbed teacher providing comic relief, but whatever — it’s Spring Quarter, I’m exhausted and everything seems awful, so comic relief it is.  That said, when I finish teaching students how Scott McCloud thinks word-picture relations and panel-transitions work, I challenge them to a competition to see who can most hilariously re-imagine these five text-less panels from Making Comics:

For the first time in all the quarters I’ve taught, there was a clear and unambiguous winner:

Feel free to take a break from the awfulness of it all and see if you can top it.

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  • Rick Massimo

    FIRST PANEL: Yeah, it’s raining. I’m going out in the rain. I’m sure this is highly meaningful somehow.

    SECOND: Yeah, chocolate chocolate chip. I can’t wait to hear about the deep fucking significance of this choice.

    THIRD: Cashier – Don’t you get tired of your every move being framed and analyzed? Woman – Yes. Very.

    FOURTH: There are different ways of seeing and showing the same event, and the one you pick carries a lot of psychological and emotional information. No. Fucking. Shit.

    FIFTH: Draw a frame of me getting undressed for bed and you get a spoon in the balls. Got it?

  • Nope, no way to top that one, not at all. I read it 3 times and laughed every time! That’s not just funny, it’s hilarious!

  • I posted my own effort at my blog, http://doctorpsycho1960.blogspot.com

    Not particularly funny, but it does at least mess with your expectations a bit.

  • asdfsdf

    That student’s got balls of steel, too. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a professor I know who would take that laughing. Maybe one or two. Still, it takes balls to hand that in.

    • SEK

      She sent emails asking, first, if she could use profanity, and second, whether “meta” was an acceptable option for this assignment. I said yes on both counts, so you could say I got what I deserved.

      • danbu sama

        See on reading, I thought it was preeeeeeetty goood, but knoowing this, it’s FANTASTIC

  • hv

    I would turn them in textless.

    • SEK

      I had a student try that once: identified all panels as picture-specific, but then claimed that the transitions between the panels were scene-to-scene of Israelites-wandering-the-desert duration, which is why the woman cherishes the ice scream so much in that final panel.

  • Halloween Jack

    All thought balloons/captions:

    1 – Have I found the solution to everything? Hunger, climate change, war, you name it?

    2 – Well, I think that deserves a celebration, don’t you?

    3 – Dude, would you stop staring at my tits?

    4 – So, then I’d be saving him, too?

    5 – Well, then, fuck it.

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