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Obvious Answers to Obvious Questions

[ 10 ] November 29, 2010 |


State Department representatives didn’t immediately respond to questions about why diplomats need to acquire DNA and other biometric data on foreigners.

Clearly, to clone foreign leaders and grow more tolerable replacements. Which, we can all agree, is exactly the kind of diplomatic project that should never, ever be talked about by anyone.


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  1. At last, an answer to the old “nature vs nuture” debate!

    I guess we just have to look for cases where foreign (or domestic?) leaders had an inexplicable change in attitude.

    Like suddenly leaning more conservative after taking office, or…oh my.

  2. ajay says:

    As long as they remember to make them dependent on lysine, no worries!

  3. mark f says:

    I would like to see Silvio Berlusconi in a Multiplicity kind of situation.

  4. ajay says:

    I was hoping for more of a Moon situation. Every six months, he is forced to resign by a wave of scandals, and then replaced with another identical copy.

  5. Malaclypse says:

    Given the involvement of a Clinton, I hope we can tie this back to blue dresses and the death of Vince Foster. By “we,” obviously, I mean Pam Gellar.

  6. MobiusKlein says:

    so we can find out for certain if we’re bribing the right Taliban leader?

  7. […] obviously don’t have access to shapeshifters, so the only path available to us is going to be cloning replacement leaders. By blowing the whistle on this program, WikiLeaks is in effect operating as a force multiplier. […]

  8. Bill Murray says:

    It shouldn’t be talked about because it’s illegal. Someday, some way, someone in power might decide to look backwards and then where would they be. Probably looking for their own John Yoo

  9. wengler says:

    I think this is Step 3 of the Reptilian Conspiracy.

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