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Friday Cat Blogging


Friday Cat Blogging… Starbuck and Nelson

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  • larryb33

    Our sofa is the same color. And it looks like you have the same rug. And our floors are those width and the boards are oriented in the same direction. Your cats, however are decidedly more Rubenesque. The black pad under our rug hangs out just a bit too. Do you have difficulty keeping the rug clean? Despite far- too -often shampooings, mine stays clean for about 2 hours tops.
    It is kind of strange, though. I looked at the picture and for a second thought it was taken in my home.

  • Derelict

    How’s Nelson doing these days? Haven;t heard much about him since his new regimen was started.

  • “Your cats, however are decidedly more Rubenesque.”

    They’re fat. If they got much larger, you’re going to be sitting on the floor while they take the couch. But they do look contented and cared for.

    • larryb33

      Actually, Tabby (Starbuck?) looks pissed.
      I love cat glares.

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