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The Arbitrary Anti-abortion Obstacle Course


Continues to grow more burdensome. Which reminds me that this post can never be linked to enough.

…see also.

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  • DrDick

    It continues to amaze me how many people hate women. This has never been about being “pro-life” as these asshats generally support capital punishment and unnecessary wars of aggression. They also routinely oppose public programs designed to give children a better quality of life. This is and always has been about punishing women.

  • Joe

    Jennifer Baumgardner in “Abortion & Life” has a good chapter on how those who claim to be “pro-life” feminists must meet various requirements, including not supporting arbitrary abortion laws that aren’t feminist and aren’t very pro-life in the aggregate either.

    Some want to see ultrasounds and the like, so having the option is a good idea, but forcing the issue means not trusting women. Not that the laws tend to be consistent on the point as many have discussed in recent weeks as well.

  • Epicurus

    Enjoyed the linked article, though I didn’t read it all. The title was enough for me, and it is quite apparent that the anti-abortion movement in this country, spearheaded and mostly supported by men, will continue to answer no. It is quite simple; abortion is a valid medical procedure which has been practiced in this country since the Revolution, there is rarely reason to interfere in a decision which ultimately should be made by a woman, on the advice of her physician. It really is not anyone else’s damn business! What next, shall we institute the burqua, in order to prevent men from being enticed by the sight of a woman’s hair? Give me a break, and find something else to worry about.

    • Spokane Moderate

      What next, shall we institute the burqua, in order to prevent men from being enticed by the sight of a woman’s hair?

      Don’t worry, it’s not male decision making that worries them. It’s those darn women and their irrationality that bothers anti-abortion folks. If they went with the burqa idea, they’d probably rationalize it as helping women avoid making rash mating decisions or some similar b.s.

      According to the abortion opponents, women are emotional, you see, and they must be protected from the consequences of… well… being women.

  • Emily

    A good link. I especially like “To agree that abortion is a decision that must be left in the woman’s hands, you don’t have to believe that it is always the right decision, only that there is no one else available who has a better capacity to make it.” I feel like plastering on something large and noticeable.

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