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Well, Now We Have the Flop Sweat Vote Locked Down…


Scott McClellan endorses Obama. Scott, you couldn’t carry Ari’s flag lapel pin.

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  • rea

    I think the Obama campaign is saving up the endorsement by McCain’s mother for election eve . . .

  • scotty mcmuffin always seemed like the first year TA to professor emeritus of bullshitting, ari fleischer.

  • Indy

    re: Joe the Plumber.
    first rule of being a plumber: Never bite your fingernails.

  • charles parr

    McCains mother? Endorsed Obama last week…

  • charles parr

    second rule of being a plumber: If you smell gas, that’s a bad time to light your smoke.

  • Walt

    Oh, I think election eve will be when McCain himself will be endorsing Obama.

  • His mother, his aunt… they don’t even believe in McCain:
    His campaign is a case-study in how to ensure political defeat. He reminds me a bit of a struggling professional athlete who realizes too late that he should have hung ’em up a long time ago.

  • Scott McClellan always looked like Cheney had just stopped him in the hall to remind him what Cheney would do to McClellan’s family if Scotty screwed up and told the truth.

  • Jon H

    Say this for McClellan: he got all three answers right when he appeared on the ‘Not My Job’ segment of NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me.
    And the questions were about Truman Capote.

  • rorycalhoun

    Who’s next? Rove?

  • Oh stop it, Rob. You want to crucify Scottie because he had a soul? Yeah, he was a flunkie but at least he confessed, which means he has been cleansed of sin. Moderate Republicans who admit they have a problem are okay in my book.
    Ari, on the other hand, is the Devil. I saw him on “The Daily Show” (why does Jon Stewart invite so many conservatives onto his show?), and he had absolutely no remorse, laughing, having a good time. Nothing shakes him.

  • ari

    Could you use a last name? For clarity’s sake, I mean. It was bad enough at the time. These kinds of reminders are just sadistic.

  • Scott McClellan?
    Fuck Scott McClellan.
    Or, as was best expressed to Carmella by the Jewish psychiatrist in a winning episode of the Sopranos (as best as I can recall):
    “If he were to read Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment,’ and meditate on it’s meaning every day in his jail cell for seven years, then perhaps he could be redeemed.”
    Fuck Scott McClellan.

  • FearItself

    Ranking the Bush-era press secretaries (worst to first):
    5. McClellan
    4. Dana Perino
    3. Tony Snow
    2. Ari Fleischer
    1. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf

  • celticdragon

    “Moderate Republicans who admit they have a problem are okay in my book.”
    Well, we do try. My penance has been to volunteer for the Obama campaign and do door to door canvassing. I went out for a couple of hours yesterday, in fact. I don’t think I have enough time left in this election to make up for that 2004 vote I cast for Bush…but I’m trying.

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