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A Vote of Non-Confidence…For Wingnut Blog Triumphalism


The Martin government has been felled by a non-confidence vote, which means that the holiday season in Canada will be saturated with a bitterly contested election. At least at this early date, it’s difficult to see a majority government emerging from the new election, so the political situation could remain very unstable.

Liberalism Without Cynicism finds Instapundit–via his emailers–giving Captain Cubicle credit for bringing down the “fricken Canadian Government.” As Laura points out, there are some rather monumental problems with this thesis, starting with the fact minority governments in Canada have historically had the shelf life of an Andrew Ridgely solo album, and the fact that all the relevant information has (and would have been) released in Canada by now. Anyway, it’s reassuring to know that Reynolds knows about as much about Canadian politics as he does about most of the stuff he blogs about, although perhaps blog triumphalists just means that they have blogs of an analogous quality to the wank-metal of Canadian mainstays Triumph, which would make much more sense…

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