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On July 12, 2010
Three apparently unrelated news stories: (1) Several hundred fans with tickets to the Spain-Germany semi-final missed the game because FIFA contrived to allow the private jets of what in 18th century England was known as the Quality to land at their owners’ convenience. (2) The government of South Africa will lose billions on the World […]
Match report here. I watched in an English pub, which, given I am in England, I found somewhat difficult to avoid.  My local graciously put on the USA match on a smallish flat screen behind the bar (while the other screens in the pub were tuned to that other match).   I was proudly wearing my 2006 […]
I largely agree with everything that Paul has written, and the comments thread off of that one is excellent. Having had my daughter for the last three days, I’ve not had an opportunity to do much of, well, anything beyond pay her attention and acquiesce to her three-year old demands, so now that I have […]

World Cup draw

On December 4, 2009

Some very preliminary thoughts: Great draw for both the U.S. and England. Algeria is clearly the weakest African team and Slovenia might be the softest Euro side. Right now it looks like it would be a

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