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I have a piece up at Alternet about the myth of Robert Bork.   Nocera’s representative whining notwithstanding, the defeat of Bork wasn’t unprecedented, it wasn’t obstructionist, it was justified, and it was crucial to maintaining fundamental constitutional rights.    And there’s a reason why so many hacks just quote the Ted Kennedy speech without bothering […]

Where’s the Civility?

In General
On August 3, 2011
Shame on Ian for accurately quoting Robert Bork’s views; as Republicans have been reminding us for decades, doing this to The Greatest Legal Mind There Absolutely Ever Was is an unacceptable coarsening of the discourse.   And, in fairness, at least he had the civility to refrain from quoting from Slouching Towards Gomorrah…

Bork Myth Addendum

On August 28, 2008

A commenter spotted this howler from Rosen’s article: In every presidential election from 1988 to 2004, the court had a six-justice majority in favor of upholding Roe v. Wade. Is this why Rosen

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