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Mittens legal adviser and history’s greatest martyr Robert Bork helpfully explains that discrimination against women no longer exists. How reliable a guide to the status of women is Robert Bork?   Now, I realize that citing Bork’s writings is the dirtiest political trick there absolutely ever was, but just to be uncivil perhaps I propose consulting […]

Personnel and Precedent

On July 14, 2008

Reading Linda Greenhouse’s valedictory essay , Digby emphasizes this passage: In five days on the witness stand, Judge Bork had a chance to explain himself fully, to describe and defend his view

Happy Anniversary!

On October 24, 2007

Via Roy, I see that conservatives are whining about the great day 20 years ago on which arch-reactionary Robert Bork was justly rejected by the Senate. First if all, it’s worth repeating that in

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