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Robert Bork, Friend of Women Everywhere


Mittens legal adviser and history’s greatest martyr Robert Bork helpfully explains that discrimination against women no longer exists.

How reliable a guide to the status of women is Robert Bork?   Now, I realize that citing Bork’s writings is the dirtiest political trick there absolutely ever was, but just to be uncivil perhaps I propose consulting Mr. Bork’s profound treatise Slouching Toward Gomorrah.  Selective quotation cannot really convey the cumulative effect of page after page of this kind of argument, but a couple representative samples:

Once such things as the right to vote and the right of wives to hold property in their own names had been won, the difference in the opportunities open to women has been largely due to technology.  I am old enough to remember my grandmother washing work clothes on a scrub board, mashing potatoes by hand, and emptying the water tray from the bottom of the ice box.  There was simply no possibility that she could have had both a family and a career.  Were she young today, she would find that shopping, food preparation, laundering and much else have been made dramatically easier so that she could, if she wished, become a lawyer or a doctor or virtually anything that appealed to her.

And let’s be clear: the idea that anybody but a woman could engage in shopping, food preparation, laundering or related activities is the purest Stalinism. But surely this the great legal mind is more egalitarian than this reflects?

As one might suspect from their hostility to men, marriage, and family, radical feminists are very much in favor of lesbianism. This involves more than the demand that lesbianism be accepted by society as just another “lifestyle.” They want not only lawful lesbian marriages but “reproductive rights” for lesbians. That means the right to bear children through artificial insemination and the right to adopt one’s lesbian partner’s child. Since sperm is sold freely in the United States, much more freely than in other nations, there are lesbian couples raising children. It takes little imagination to know how the children will be indoctrinated.

Why, American society is such a bastion of gender equity that we permit lesbians to raise children! Bork rests his case.

It’s a real triumph of conservative rhetoric that “Borking” has become a pejorative term although defeating Bork’s nomination is one of the few things that could justify the existence of the World’s Worst Deliberative Body.

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