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In the era of COVID, we have defined “essential worker” as “someone we don’t mind dying for us, but hey you’re a hero!” Many of those essential workers are poor, many of them are people of color, many of them are immigrants. Some are refugees resettled in the United States. And in Iowa, the combination […]

Refugee Labor

On March 1, 2017

Maybe Republicans will rethink allowing refugees from Muslims nations into the United States if they can exploit their labor for nothing, like is happening in Turkey thanks to our benevolent apparel f

Shame on Denmark: The UN Refugee Agency is condemning a Danish plan to seize cash and valuables from would-be-refugees crossing the border, calling it “an affront to human dignity.” On Wednesday, the Danish parliament appeared poised to overhaul the country’s immigration system, which would include empowering border authorities to confiscate possessions valued at over $1,450. […]
Dan Yoder is leaving Facebook, and implores us to “join him.” He has almost a dozen reasons why. Some of them are even good reasons. He’s not alone. And more and more of us, disenchanted, disenfranchised Facebookers know it. But here’s the rub, Dan. A lot of us can’t just decide to “leave” without having […]
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