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On July 1, 1922, the Great Railroad Strike of 1922 begins. Also known as the Railway Shopmen’s Strike, this action was the largest railway strike in the United States since the Pullman Strike in 1894. It led to at least ten dead and was the rare challenge to American employers in the harshly anti-union 1920s. […]
On March 2, 1893, President Benjamin Harrison signed the Safety Appliance Act. This critical act finally created a modicum of safety on American railroads, mandating air brakes and automatic couplers years after European nations had done the same thing. Finally, railroad work would become something less than ludicrously unsafe. And yet, such an act still […]
One major problem with American public transportation is the incredibly high cost of construction. Another is the spread out nature of American cities. How does one create functional public transportation in the era of climate change given these realities? These are very problems in an industry with enormous costs, skyrocketing overhead, and which is dependent […]
This is the grave of Charles Francis Adams, Jr. Born in 1835 to Boston, Adams grew up in America’s most elite family. Of course, his great-grandfather was John Adams, his grandfather John Quincy Adams, and his father Charles Francis Adams, Sr., who played the most critical role in keeping the British from recognizing the Confederacy […]

The Tech of Death

On June 16, 2020

Gizmodo has this series where they ask experts this or that. For this week’s version, they asked a bunch of historians about which technology has led to the most accidental death. I was one of t

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