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As I’ve mentioned before, I currently edit an academic international-relations journal, International Studies Quarterly. Its contents are intended for a specialized, scholarly audience, but some of what we publish is likely to be of interest to the more general LGM readership. I previously blogged about Noelle K. Brigden’s ethnographic study of Central American migrants to […]
I don’t know which version of the video below has the worse message for young adults: this one, in which pop artist Kesha promotes binge drinking and capricious, careless, drunken sex: Or this parody, in which Barely Political promotes the promotion of binge drinking and capricious, careless, drunken sex, as long as it’s just to […]

Frakkin’ Awkward

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On March 10, 2010
Who says you can't empirically observe the effect of BSG on actual politics? Former Congressman Eric Massa to a male aide: "What I really ought to be doing is fracking you." See? See? (Only the series does not appear to have influenced "political perceptions" of how to spell "frak.")
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