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On August 10, 1680, the Pueblo Revolt began in New Mexico. The most successful Native rebellion in the history of the Americas, this forced the Spanish out of their northern colonies for twelve years. One major reason for the revolt was the brutality of colonial Spain’s slave labor regime it forced on the pueblos. When […]
New Mexico is a very special place, in part because of its ecological fragility as somewhere livable, with a long and rich history of human civilization, at the age of a harsh desert. It doesn’t take much to throw this off balance and make the place basically unlivable. That’s exactly what is happening with climate […]
New Mexico’s race relations are fascinating and unique. I wrote a piece here back in 2015 laying this out. So I’ll just quote from that to begin. Race and history in New Mexico are contested in a way unique to the United States. This has to do with discrete historical events that took place in […]
On January 22, 1599, Spanish troops began their attack on Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico. This incredibly violent incident and aftermath created a regime of labor under Spanish rule that would have devastating impacts on Native peoples. From the moment Europeans came to the Americas, they had a pretty clear and consistent view of the […]


On February 16, 2018

One of my hobbyhorses is how frustrating it is that our public discussion of race in this country exists primarily on a black-white binary. At least at one university I know very, very well, diversity

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