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We haven’t heard too much from higher education technofuturists lately, what with the complete failure of early MOOC trials to prepare students to pass courses. The San Jose State University debacle really shut them up for awhile. But they never went away and the New York Times is always happy to give them a forum. […]

The Year in Education

On December 31, 2014

Between the growth in parents opting their students out of stupid standardized testing, the rapid retreat of the technofuturists and their program of replacing professors with MOOCs, a real push back

Well, this is the natural progression of MOOCs and college courses as profitable entertainment: Free online courses do big numbers these days. So-called MOOCs, or massive open online courses, typically get tens of thousands of sign-ups to watch video lectures delivered by tweedy academics, some more photogenic than others. But imagine how many students would […]

The MOOC Reality

On July 5, 2013

This one goes out to all of you who say that MOOCs are totally the equal of a real lecture class in terms of education quality: Michigan professor Gautam Kaul is teaching the Introduction to Finance M

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