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This is the grave of David Montgomery. Born in 1927, Montgomery grew up pretty well off, joined the Army Corps of Engineers shortly after World War II, working on the nuclear reservation in Los Alamos, and then went to Swarthmore College, graduating in 1950 with a political science degree. He became a communist in 1951. […]
This is the grave of the Haymarket Martyrs. The events of the Haymarket bombing are fairly well known and I’ve written them up, so you can read it for the basic background. Buried in the Haymarket tomb are the original five martyrs–August Spies, Louis Lingg, Adolph Fischer, George Engel, and Albert Parsons. Two of the […]
I was asked to provide a write-up of a panel at the Labor and Working Class History Association meeting on the Chicago Teachers Union struggle. It gave me an opportunity to muse a bit about the relationship between labor historians and the labor movement (and really between any social movement historians and the social movement […]
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