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Trump’s idiotic decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital served two audiences–Trump’s base who support Israel because they think Israeli power will lead to the return of Jesus and right-wing Israelis. This may not be the best way to run our foreign policy. Given the size of Muslim world, why needlessly provoke them? That’s […]
The idea that companies can’t control their supply chains is ridiculous. They don’t control the labor and environmental conditions in them because they don’t want to and because they don’t care. They may not in fact be able to immediately enter a factory and transform it, but that’s because they have set up a decentralized […]
As I have said repeatedly, without holding western corporations legally responsible for what happens in their supply chains, massive global exploitation will continue. Human Rights Watch has a new report on out on child labor in Indonesian tobacco fields, noting that the profits from this labor go straight to big tobacco companies. The impact on […]

Tofu Power!

On May 16, 2016

Tofu, is there anything you can’t do? In a dark and steamy room in Indonesia’s tofu heartland three men sweat over bubbling cauldrons, churning creamy beancurd with wooden paddles before d

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